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Picture of Microbiro Picture: ai2-UPV
  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Humanoid
  • Released:
  • 2008
  • Ai2 Researchers at the Polytechnic University of Valencia created a small humanoid robot that can move autonomously and avoid any collision. The researchers at this Spanish institution call this robot the MicroBiro. It can also stand up after falling and is capable of kicking a soccer ball.

    Ai2 researchers used the most advanced technology in the field of robotics and automation for the MicroBiro. It has a high performance processor, distance sensors and actuators located on its various parts. To maintain its stability, researchers installed an accelerometer in the robot.

    Aside from computing complex calculations, the fg robot is truly a robot that is highly mobile and can do complex movements. With the systems and technology installed in this robot, researchers are looking forward to this humanoid being able to see and interpret images the way we see things.

    MicroBiro Features:

    • Distance sensors
    • Accelerometer
    • Small actuators
    • High-performance processors
    • Wireless communication
    • Binocular vision system



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