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Miruko Eyeball Robot

Picture of Miruko Eyeball Robot Picture: pink tentacle
  • Released:
  • 2009
  • YUKAI-Engineering created a wearable, eyeball-shaped, robotic game interface called the Miruko Eyeball Robot. Researchers at this Japanese robotics company said that the main purpose of developing this robot was to extend our body and our sensing capability.

    The Iris of the eyeball-shaped robot is equipped with a wireless CMOS camera. With the Wi-Fi capable eyeball, this robot can communicate with the host computer or with any other devices like an iPhone.

    This robot is meant to be worn as an extension in virtual gaming situations. It can also detect objects like a virtual enemy that is often not visible with our naked eyes while playing virtual games. Once the Miruko sees the invisible object, it locks it gaze on the object allowing the user to follow its line of sight and kill it.

    Additionally, this Japanese eyeball robot can search, locate and lock on a specific object or face that may be useful in hunting down imaginary things or virtual enemies in your virtual game.

    Miruko Eyeball Robot Features:

    • Wi-fi capable eyeball
    • Wearable
    • Built in CMOS cameras




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