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Musa Kendo Robot

  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Humanoid
  • Seoul National University in South Korea designed the Musa robot that can make Kendo moves. This 163cm tall 70Kg fighting robot was developed by Professor Young-Bong Bang of the Korean university to help human fighters in the art of Kendo.

    The Musa Kendo robot has several sensors to measure the amount of power output it gives to its bamboo sword and to defend it from attacks.

    This robot is also capable of fighting human fighters at different levels and classes. Its researchers and developers are hoping that one day the MUSA Kendo robot can ultimately achieve the third Dan level of excellent fighting.

    MUSA Kendo Robot Features:

    • Sensors to measure power output
    • Cameras
    • Motion specific sensors
    • Anthropomorphic
    • Motion trajectory algorithms




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