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Navibot Series : Navibot S

Picture ofNavibot Series : Navibot S Picture: Samsung
  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Wheeled
  • Released:
  • 2011
  • Navibot S by Samsung (2011)

    Samsung continues its mission to provide comfort to everyone’s lives. With the launch of the new Samsung Navibot S in IFA 2011, homeowners can now easily achieve clean and shiny floors at the press of a button. The Navibot S is similar to the older VCR 8855 and they have mirroring functions and features. The Navibot S is a lot more updated though being the later model and has a couple new features.

    It comes with a one-of-a-kind Auto-Dust Emptying feature and an added 2-liter dust bag in the dock station. This gives the Navibot S a longer duration for automated vacuum cleaning. Its updated sensors also provide a higher degree of safety navigation and cleaning. It even comes with an additional camera for more efficient Visual Mapping and Navigation. The camera also allows for real-time video streaming and much better control using phones.



    • Auto-Dust Emptying Feature
    • A 2-liter dust bag is installed in the dock station for quick dust emptying
    • Comes with an advanced Visual Mapping System using its two built-in cameras
    • Air purification using its HEPA filters
    • Samsung’ s Pet Hair System allows the robot to appropriately handle fur and hair
    • Improved 3 Cliff sensors permits the robot to quickly recognize edges of stairs and other surfaces
    • Enhanced 3 Anti-Tangle sensors enable the robot to easily handle cord coils and carpet tassels
    • Its Automatic-Stop feature enables the robot to safely turn itself off whenever lifted from the ground
    • Capable of taking different cleaning modes: Auto, Max, Manual, Spot and Edge
    • Users can schedule the Navibot S cleaning time at any time of the day
    • The onboard Virtual Guard feature allows the robot to take one of the two cleaning modes: Virtual Fence or Virtual Guide Mode
    • Easily overcome obstacles of up to 1.5 centimeters
    • 2 hours recharging time—making it one of the fastest amongst the vacuum robots
    • Automatically locates the station dock whenever it needs to recharge or empty its dust bin



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