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Navibot Series : Navibot VCR8855

Picture ofNavibot Series : Navibot VCR8855 Picture: Samsung
  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Wheeled
  • Released:
  • 2010
  •  Navibot VCR8855 by Samsung (2010)

    Navibot VCR8855 is a vacuum cleaner robot developed by Samsung. Equipped with stunning features, Samsung’s Navibot is an innovative robot that thoroughly cleans your home with almost no human assistance. It uses its Visionary Mapping System in determining the best way to clean a particular area of your home or the whole house itself.

    Samsung VCR has a unique way of knowing where its current position is and where it’s headed. It is capable of finding the recharging station dock each time it starts running low on power. The robot’s recharging time is much faster than other vacuum cleaners. It only takes 2 hours to fully charge. After recharging, the Navibot goes back to the precise spot it stopped and resumes cleaning.

    With 38 sensors, Navibot VCR can detect obstacles and protect itself as well as the things around it. It comes in different modes: Auto, Manual, Max, Spot and Edge. It even has two convenient features, the Delay Start Mode and the Virtual Guard that make scheduled cleaning much easier. The former allows the user to schedule the cleaning operations of the robot while the latter allows one to limit the cleaning area of the robot to a particular location with the use of a virtual fence.


    • With its Visionary Mapping System, the robot can efficiently clean the entire area of the house without missing a spot
    • Capable of storing 0.6 Liters of dust and filtering fine particles using its washable HEPA Filters
    • Designed to tackle pet hair through Samsung’s Pet Hair Care System onboard
    • Integrated with 3 cliff sensors that allow the robot to recognize edges of a surface like the stair
    • Assimilated with 3 Anti-Tangle Sensors that enable the robot to work up carpet tassels and tangled cords
    • Comes with an Automatic-Stop sensor that turns the robot off when lifted
    • Comes with a variety of modes: Auto, Manual, Max, Edge and Spot
    • Its Delay Start mode allows users to time its cleaning operation
    • Its Virtual Guard permits user to choose two cool modes of cleaning: Virtual Fence and Virtual Guide mode
    • Capable of overcoming obstacles off up to 1.5 centimeters in height
    • Short recharging time—2 hours
    • Locates the station dock and recharges on its own



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