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Picture of Phenox Picture: Phenox Lab
  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Flying
  • Released:
  • unknown
  • Phenox is an intelligent, interactive quadcopter and a programmable platform for “Flying Applications”. Phenox is designed and developed by Phenox Lab, an engineering team which is based in Tokyo, Japan.

    Phenox is named after phenom (genius) and phoenix. It controls itself intelligently to hover stably and revives any number of times by reprogramming.


    Intelligent: Phenox Lab developed an “intelligent self-control system (ISCS)” for Phenox. This ISCS enables Phenox to hover stably without any ground stations. All the processing is executed within the onboard system in a palm-sized body.

    Phenox fits in the palm of your hand


    Interactive: Using two onboard mounted cameras and a microphone, Phenox interacts with your voice and movement. This means that, from take-off to landing, controllers are not needed anymore.

    Phenox controlled by hand movement


    Programmable: The software system of Phenox is Linux OS, which means you can reprogram Phenox just like your personal computer. With Phenox library, you can easily make your own program without struggling to fly it stably.

    Phenox is reprogrammable


    The library, tutorial and sample codes are already available on the web site. One of the applications will be exhibited in SIGGRAPH 2014, Emerging Technologies in August 10-14, 2014.

    In terms of appearance, the Phenox is light and efficient, weighing only 70 grams and measuring but 120 mm in length. Its main processor is operated by Linux; the interface is powered by Bluetooth, and contains a range sensor and two cameras.

    The clever little aircraft is the brain child of Ryo Konomura and Kensho Miyoshi, Phenox Lab founders; it is also the recipient of their passion and their desire to be unique among drone aircraft. 

    Having received a phenomenal 23,279 USD in its Kickstarter campaign, Phenox Lab will now prepare for the product launch, with production taking place throughout July and units shipping on Aug. 1, 2014.

    History of Phenox



    - Length: 120 mm (motor to motor)
    - Weight: 70 gram (including battery)


    - Camera 2x
    - Microphone
    - IMU's
    - Range Sensor
    - Battery Monitor


    - Storage: 4 Gb
    - OS: Linux
    - Operating Time: 30 mins on ground, 5 mins in flight
    - Operating Voltage: 11.8 V
    - Payload: 25 gram

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