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Picture of Pingo Picture: Arimaz
  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Animal
  • Released:
  • 2009
  • Pingo

    One can’t help but dread that moment when surfing the net finally becomes boring. But this moment can be avoided with Arimaz’s mydeskfriend Pingo. Arimaz Pingo can do a lot of excellent stuff for you. It responds to your voice commands as fast as a private-first-class soldier. It can inform you of new emails and messages from friends. It can also read the latest news, market trends and weather forecasts by means of RSS. And it even opens the sites you are hooked on even if you haven’t clicked on your browser yet.

    If these amazing features are still not enough for you, the desktop companion Pingo can communicate and interact with different Pingo owners using a built-in Facebook app. It plays—roves, zooms and rolls—around your desktop and you can interact with this cutie by nudging, scratching and shaking it. While everyone is scouring their Facebook accounts for new messages and new stories, you are comfortably sitting with your arms folded over your head listening to your Facebook friend Pingo as it reads all of these things for you.

    Unlike other robotic toys, Arimaz Pingo undergoes continuous mood and behavior changes based on how you take care of it. Taking good care of this desktop pet is very easy. All you need to do is feed and play with it. You can even send it gifts to keep it happy through the use of Facebook’s gift page. And when you feel your eyes are getting heavy, Pingo the robot can sing you to sleep.



    • Excitingly responds to voice commands
    • Announces messages from friends as well as new emails
    • Automatically reads the latest news for you
    • Delivers up-to-the-minute weather forecasts
    • Recites to you the newest happenings in the global market
    • Keeps you connected to your preferred sites
    • Communicates with other Pingo owners using its integrated Facebook app
    • Entertains you as it zooms and rolls over your desk
    • You can play with it by nudging, scratching and shaking it
    • Reads your Facebook messages and new emails out loud to you
    • Changes mood and behavior based on how you treat it
    • You can use the integrated Facebook app to feed and play with it
    • The Facebook Gift page allows you to send gifts to it
    • Can sing your favorite tunes to you
    • Comes with a docking station that serves as a recharging station
    • Internal speaker and microphone for voice are incorporated to the robot for more interactive desktop play
    • State-of-the-art sensors—2 Proximity sensors and 3 ground sensors—are integrated as well
    • Zooms on a dual wheel-driven base



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