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Picture of Plen Picture: Plen
  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Humanoid
  • Released:
  • 2006
  • Plen

    Plen was released by Systec Akazawa in Japan in 2006 as a humanoid desktop hobby robot designed to perform for its owner's entertainment. It is very easy to assemble, program, and control via mobile phone or PC with Bluetooth.


    • 18 degrees of freedom (DOF) in 18 movable joints
    • 20 pre-installed motions
    • Can “roller skate” and pick up/toss a cube
    • Bluetooth-enabled
    • Height: 23 cm; Weight: 0.5 kg
    • 32-bit ARM processor
    • Can be controlled via mobile phone or PC with Bluetooth



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