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Post Guide Robot Series : Post Guide Robot 01 (PGR01)

Picture ofPost Guide Robot Series : Post Guide Robot 01 (PGR01) Picture: Horror.com
  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Humanoid
  • Post Guide Robot 01 or PGR01 is a professional humanoid guide robot designed by Robotech/Kitech. The robot was designed to help people in the post office and speed up post office tasks. As an information service assistant, it provides necessary information in sending letters and packages.

    Features Post Guide Robot 01

    • Weight: 80 kilograms
    • Touch-screen user interface
    • Provides area codes
    • Provides other necessary mailing information
    • Helps users with mailing documents and forms
    • Prints mailing address
    • Extras: measures body fat and other health related information
    • Provides horoscopes
    • Provides entertainment and games



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