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PR 2

Picture of PR 2 Picture: Willow Garage
  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Humanoid
  • Released:
  • 2010
  • Being a mobile manipulation platform, PR2 software system is built by Willow Garage and is written in ROS. PR2 is built to make it easy to develop as well as test robotic technologies and applications.

    Personal Robot 2 (PR2) is the size of a person and comprises of a mobile base that sits upon four steered casters, head, torso, sixteen cores, an array of sensors and two arms for computation. The height of the PR2 ranges from 1.33m to 1.645m.

    PR2 has a distance sensor laser, an embedded camera and weighs around 200 kg. The robot is capable of opening doors and can identify an electrical outlet to recharge. Moreover, the robot can fold towels, play music, pick up trash, fetch beer, autonomously recharge itself, and play the game of pool.

    As the PR2 is an open platform, its system can be changed to meet the needs of its users at any level. Designed to be durable, PR2 allows users to experiment with new applications and ideas directly on the robot.





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