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Pregnant Robot Noelle Noelle

  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Humanoid
  • Released:
  • 2006
  • Florida based Gaumard Scientific Company created a birth simulator robot called NOELLE. This pregnant robot is aimed to help medical practitioners deal with pregnancy related cases.

    This birth simulator robot is currently being used by a lot of medical institutions, schools and hospitals, helping them to deal with normal and abnormal birth procedures. It comes with two umbilical clamps and three vulvas intended for post-partum suturing.

    The NOELLE training robot doll can simulate many types of birth deliveries, with its chest rising and falling during labor breathing. She can also speak “The baby is coming”, allowing the “baby” inside to come out into the waiting hands.

    The NOELLE robot still needs some modifications but does just fine in helping medical practitioners deal with pregnant women.

    Pregnant Robot (NOELLE) Features:

    • Interactive pregnant robot with one baby
    • Intubatable airway
    • IV arm
    • Various maternal, foetal and neonatal sounds
    • Full body new born
    • Speakers
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