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Picture of Protei Picture: Scoutbots
  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Sailing
  • Released:
  • unknown

  • Protei 006

    Protei 006

    Source: Scoutbots

    Protei 006 collaboration design process

  • Protei prototype 003

    Protei prototype 003 "Ocean Blimp"

    Source: Scoutbots

    Can we increase the pulling power with the general size? Can we make an extremely light structure with a great pulling power? Can we use affordable materials?

  • Protei prototype 002 testing

    Protei prototype 002 testing

    Source: Scoutbots

    Can we get more control on the steering with an articulated body? -> Yes
    Can we sail upwind and loose less speed in taking upwind with an articulated body? -> Yes




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