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Picture of REETI Picture: Robopec
  • Released:
  • 2011
  • Reeti

    Hailed as a PC-bot by its creators, Reeti combines the advantages of home theater personal computers with the utility of a communications robot. It was created by Robopec of France in 2011 to address the growing need of many organizations for a fully-customizable robot.

    Reeti looks like a desktop robot because of the myriads of applications that it has been programmed to do. It has a full home theater capacity supported by its HDMI 1.3, DVI, Audio 7.1 Jack Audio Connection kit, a Blu Ray reader, DVD burner and a backpack USB. These features make it a wonderful PC-bot for teachers and other professionals who constantly need to improve the ways various things are taught to students.

    Features of Reeti:

    • Complete panel of expressions
    • User-friendly interface
    • Flexible and touch-sensitive skin along with 15 degrees of freedom for postures and facial expressions
    • Configurable artificial intelligence
    • Ability to connect to the Internet through its Ethernet and Wi-fi accessories allowing it to receive emails, RSS feeds and FaceBook broadcasts
    • Open for development for inclusion of self-developed applications
    • Sensors: 2 HD 720p cameras, 2 microphones, 3 tactile sensors
    • Runs on Intel Atom Dual Core
    • Facial Interface: 2 mobile eyelids, 2 mobile eyes and 2 directional ears





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