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Repliee Series : Repliee Q1

Picture ofRepliee Series : Repliee Q1 Picture: Osaka University
  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Humanoid
  • Released:
  • 2004
  • The Osaka University, headed by Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro, in collaboration with Kokoro Incorporated, developed a human-like female android robot called Repliee Q1. This robot looks extremely human, and is equipped with various sensors and motors allowing it to behave, act and move like a human.

    Its silicone skin is embedded with ultra-sensitive sensors allowing it to react when someone touches it. In order to move like a real human being, its developer installed air actuators in its joints, allowing them to control the android with relative ease and without compliance control.

    The Repliee Q1 can also flicker its eyelids and move her hand like a human being. Just by watching her, one would think that this female android is almost breathing.

    This android is the predecessor of the Repliee Q1 Expo that has a greater number of human-like movements.

    Repliee Q1 Features:

    • Silicone skin
    • High sensitive skin sensors
    • Speakers, microphone and camera
    • 31 Degrees of Freedom
    • Air actuators
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