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RHex (Rugged version)

Picture of RHex (Rugged version) Picture: Boston Dynamics
  • Released:
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  • Developed by Boston Dynamics, RHex is known for its high mobility. The robot uses its highly powerful and independently controlled legs to produce specialized gaits for devouring rough terrain, requiring minimal operator input. RHex can not only climb in rock fields, sand, mud, railroad tracks, vegetation and telephone poles but the six-legged robot is also capable of climbing up stairways and slopes.

    Since it has a sealed body, RHex can also operate in wet weather and swampy or muddy conditions. The robot’s exceptional terrain abilities have been tested in government-run verification processes. Operator control unit can monitor and control the robot remotely at distances of over 700 meters. Moreover, RHex is equipped with IR cameras as well as illuminators to obtain clear front and rear views.

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