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Picture of Roboboa Picture: WowWee
  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Animal
  • Released:
  • 2007

    WowWee has developed a robotic snake that has a 4 section body.  It’s called Roboboa and it’s designed to mimic the movements of a real snake. It has a motorized tail roller and casters on its midsection which allow it to move in a straight line. It also has the ability to rotate on its adjacent section. It is equipped with Infrared and light sensors, a speaker and can be remotely controlled by its owner.

    The Roboboa can record commands and play them back in sequence. It can also be programmed further by keying commands on the remote.  Its remote has 7 action buttons, an 8-way directional pad, and 2 mode buttons. It also has a built in flash light which can be powered by 4 AAA batteries.

    The robot can be operated in separate modes just by pressing one of the action buttons.  If you want to activate its secondary options, you need to press the action button for 2 seconds, or you can also press the Mode button once followed by the action button.

    Roboboa’s remote control has function buttons built into it. Among these are:

    (1) Strafe action button, which controls the tail/head by toggling the 8-way directional pad.  It also acts as the reset button which can clear all programs, alarms, and volume settings.

    (2) Lazer action button, which activates Track/Aware or Scan mode.  It keeps the Roboboa in place but turns its lights on and tracks nearby objects that are detected by the infrared.  While in scan mode, it moves its head from left to right until an object is sensed.

    (3) Cannon action button, which acts as an Explore and Sleep mode.  Roboboa will roam looking for objects.  If there is no event within 24 hours after putting the robot in Sleep mode, the Roboboa will Shutdown.


    • Has Test action buttons which can be set in 3 alarm modes
    • Can act as a guard with its Patrol action button
    • Ability to show his movement as well as its sound and light capabilities
    • Ability to store commands and play them back





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