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Robots from A to Z: A(71)

  • Albert HUBO Albert HUBO

    HUBO Lab., Korea Advanced Inst. of Science and Tech. (KAIST), Hanson Robotics

    Albert HUBO is a robot modeled after Albert Einstein. This intelligent humanoid can use 30 facial expressions to help it communicate with humans. He even understands words. Albert HUBO can move at 1.25 Kilometer per hour and runs on Window XP.

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    The ALCNON, made by Vstone, has had several wins at ROBO-One. This fighting, dancing robot is the size of a small child. It has duo processors, two pincers for hands and one eye. Known by some as "the Cyclops Robot," ALCNON uses its swift punches and…

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  • Alice Alice

    Korea Advanced Inst. of Science and Tech. (KAIST), Dancing Doll-RZ, AIM Lab.

    Dancing robot Alice is one of Dancing Doll-RZ's creations. She does not always have great moves but her performance is fluid and smooth. Alice can also play instruments such as the violin. She has 25 microcontrollers and can be controlled with a wireless…

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  • Alpo


    ROBO3 launched a raptor robot named Alpo in 2001. It made headlines because it was South Korea's first robotic dinosaur that walked on two legs. Alpo walks at a rate of 1.4 meters per minute and maintains balance by swaying its neck and tail while walking,…

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  • Amador Robot Cajon

    U. Católica

    Students at the Universidad Catolica created Amadorbot in 2009 as part of their “Proyecto electrónico”. The robot plays the cajon, a traditional Afro-Peruvian instrument.

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    Nomumu's humanoid robot named AMATERAS was created in 2008. It is a part of the ROBO-Fight team, which faced the ROBO-Masters team in the ROBO-One battle arena. This fembot was modeled after female Japanese anime characters and is capable of simple movements…

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  • Ami Ami

    Ami was developed by KAIST to be a service robot in the home. It can help you with household chores such as sweeping. It has sensors that help it avoid objects. Ami, which means "friend" in French, can also converse with 50 sentences and display anger,…

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    TU Eindhoven

    AMIGO (Autonomous Mate for Intelligent Operations) is Tech United’s care robot that participates in the RoboEarth Project. Since it can perform human tasks like grasping objects and opening cupboards, AMIGO also helps the elderly with household chores.

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  • Amio Amio

    AIM Lab., Korea Advanced Inst. of Science and Tech. (KAIST)

    Amio is a complex humanoid robot developed by KAIST. It can make decisions and display expressions based on data it acquires through its communication model. Amio can perform simple tasks such as assembly line work and household chores, and can walk 1…

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    Tiger Electronics, Hasbro, Sega Toys Co. Ltd.

    AMP is a music-playing entertainment robot. It can play music through its 12 watt speakers and two tweeters. Just plug it into an MP3 player and AMP will start playing tunes and moving to the beat for you. It comes with a remote control and five different…

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  • Anna Konda Anna Konda


    Anna Konda is a snakelike, water-powered firefighting robot from Norway. It can reach where humans cannot go. It can be used in rescue operations and during bombing incidents.

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    ANTOR is a humanoid companion robot standing 35 cm tall and weighing just 2 kg. Its flexible design and simultaneously operating motors allow it to walk and dance.

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  • Apelike Apelike

    JSK Lab., U. of Tokyo

    Apelike is a humanoid robot made for behavioral studies in the early 1990s. It has two arms and legs, can walk, climb, and swim, and its remote brain develops over time.

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  • April April


    Samsung electronics developed a female robot called April. Although it is unable to stand or walk, it can move its head and hands, and make fluid-like motion with musical beats.

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  • ApriPetit ApriPetit


    ApriPetit is a tiny companion robot designed to assist elderly users. Capable of speech and facial recognition, it can follow instructions and communicate about health.

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