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Robots from A to Z: A(71)

  • ApriPoco ApriPoco


    Toshiba developed a gadget robot called ApriPoco which serves as a gateway of a voice command-able environment. It learns commands over time and responds to human voices.

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  • Aramies Aramies

    U. of Bremen

    ARAMIES, in development since 2004 at the University of Bremen, is a Mars explorer that uses four legs and PCR-based software for improved locomotion over wheeled robots.

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  • Archie Archie

    TUW (Vienna University of Technology)

    Vienna University of Technology developed Archie with the goal of having a robot capable of trajectory walking. It has the potential to be used in daily household tasks.

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  • Ari 1 Ari 1

    Solubot, Korea Inst. of Industrial Tech. (KITECH)

    KITECH and Solubot developed a female robot called Ari 1. It can recognize face using camera and face detection software. It can interact with humans using pre-recorded voices.

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  • Arichyon

    The Sumii family's humanoid Arichyon (Arikion) has various sensors and dual cameras. Capable of object and speech recognition, it's a favorite in ROBO-ONE competitions.

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  • Arimoplena

    Designed by the Sumii family, Arimoplena won the 2008 ROBO-ONE competition's helper category. Has advanced vision and manipulation systems and constant sound production.

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  • Arius

    Arius is a bipedal fighting robot from the Sumii family. Hitec servos and double servo knees gave it remarkable stability and mobility in the 2006 ROBO-ONE Tournament.

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  • ARM Robot ARM Robot

    iRobot, NASA JPL Robotics, U. of Southern California (USC), Carnegie Mellon U. (CMU), SRI Intl. AI (Artificial Intelligence)

    DARPA developed a robotic platform called ARM to execute certain moves. Developers from public are allowed to write algorithms for the robot that make it perform complex tasks.

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  • Arne Arne

    St.Petersburg State Polytechnic U.

    St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University and New Era developed Arne in 2003. It can walk independently, avoid obstacles and respond to voices by synthesizing its own voice.

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  • Arnea Arnea

    St.Petersburg State Polytechnic U.

    New Era and St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University developed Arnea which can walk straight, avoid obstacles, remember and distinguish objects, and respond to voice commands.

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  • ARoS

    U. of Minho

    AroS, an anthropomorphic helper robot, excels at interacting with people. Using Hebbian principles, it reads gestures to understand intentions and corrects human errors.

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  • ArtSBot ArtSBot

    IdMind, Instituto Superior T├ęcnico

    The ArtSBot robot is a wheeled robot that can produce its own works of art. It is equipped with color sensors and markers. The ArtSBot makes its own colors and can avoid other robots.

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  • Arturito

    Arturito is a robot shrouded in mystery because of his secretive creator. However, it has made a name for itself by locating deeply-buried objects such as gold ingots.

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  • Asahi Bartender Robot

    Asahi Beer

    For customers who desire less attitude and speedy service, the Ashai bartender robot is the solution. It can serve a beer almost 5 times faster than most human bartenders.

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  • Ashigaru


    Dancing masters beware: the Ashigaru entertainment robot may beat you. This flexible robot can perform street dance styles with the best dancers around.

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  • Assistant Robot (AR) Assistant Robot (AR)

    Information and Robot Tech. Research Initiative (IRT), U. of Tokyo

    For those who want housework help, Assistant Robot is ready for action. This highly flexible robot can even evaluate tasks to determine if it was successful.

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