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Robots from A to Z: A(71)

  • Astronaut A4 Astronaut A4


    The Astronaut A4 robot aims at ensuring improved milk quality and better milk production. By inventing this robot, Lely aims to provide the highest attainable milk quality.

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  • Athlete Robot Athlete Robot

    Information and Robot Tech. Research Initiative (IRT), U. of Tokyo

    Athlete Robot has flexible legs that allow it to run and jump. Compressed air and elastic prosthetic blades make this robot capable of human-like movement.

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  • Atlas Atlas

    Boston Dynamics

    Developed by Boston Dynamics, Atlas is a humanoid robot that has been specifically designed to deal with outdoor, rough terrain. The high-mobility robot is capable of walking bipedally while using its upper limbs for lifting and carrying.

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  • ATOM 7xp ATOM 7xp


    The Atom 7xp is the first humanoid robot created in the USA. This full-sized robot is part of Futurebots labs vision to support a wide range of industrial and commercial needs.

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  • Aurora Kids Aurora Kids

    Aurora Group

    Taiwan-based Aurora Group developed three humanoid robots named Aurora Kids. They can sing and dance to the beat, and interact with visitors at the Peking University’s gallery.

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  • Automo 06

    Battle robot Automo 06 went head-to-head with 10 other robots in the 2009 Sunrise Hero Robot Battle at the International Robot Exhibition. Its impressive capabilities earned it second place.

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  • AV Mascot Robot Bot-chan AV Mascot Robot Bot-chan


    Hitachi developed an audio-visual prototype called AV Mascot Robot. It interacts with humans, analyzes one's TV viewing history, and recommends programs for better viewing experience.

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  • Ava 500 - iRobot - Telepresence Robot

    Ava Series


    The Ava is a Telepresence robot or Video Collaboration robot which enables people to work off-site and still be able to participate in meetings and presentations elsewhere

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