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Robots from A to Z: C(53)

  • Cafero

    Yujin Robot

    The wheeled barista robot Cafero was developed by Yujin Robot. It debuted in 2008 at Robot World, fulfilling orders through its touch screen with some human assistance.

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  • Caliban (CBN-001)

    Caliban is the main character in the 1993 novel 'Isaac Asimov’s Caliban' by Roger MacBride. The robot was created without following the Three Laws of Robotics and was accused to murdering its master. Caliban later proves its innocence with a sheriff's…

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    Simon Fraser U.

    Researchers from the Simon Fraser University developed a cell phone robot called CALLO. It can dance on an incoming call, act out emoticons and mimic human arm movements.

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  • Cam-10 Cam-10

    Cube Works

    Cube Works developed a mini bipedal robot, the Cam-10, as a humanoid toy robot. This little robot can walk, swing its arms and turn its head. The creators plan to develop Cam-10 further and make many improvements to the current version. It provides children…

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  • Cam-Baby Robot Cam-Baby Robot

    Cube Works

    Cam-Baby is a robot baby that looks and acts like a human baby. It walks and responds to clapping. It has LED eyes that blink and it cries when it falls just like a real baby would.

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  • Candy 5 Candy 5

    Nirvana Tech. Inc.

    Nirvana Technology Incorporated developed a robot called Candy 5 which can play golf perfectly. It has cameras and wheels, using which it can make its stance for the perfect hit.

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  • Care Robot Yurina Care Robot Yurina

    Japan Logic Machine

    Japan Logic Machine created Care Robot Yurina. It has a conveyor belt and special rollers to help carry and transfer patients. It can help them with daily activities such as bathing.

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  • CareBot CareBot


    Carebot is a service robot developed by Gecko Systems. It was designed to be a companion for elderly people. Carebot monitors patients and reminds them when to take medications.

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  • Cart robot Cart robot

    Toshibatec, Toshiba

    Toshiba and Toshibatec designed and developed the Cart robot. It assists disabled shoppers to carry their purchased things to their cars. It can also detect and avoid obstacles.

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  • Casimiro Casimiro

    U. of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

    The developers of Casimiro wanted to create a true socially interactive robot. It has facial expressions to show emotions, and its sound generation allows it to compose simple greetings.

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  • Cavalier

    Emanon created the Cavalier, a bipedal fighting robot. It took part in the 2009 NagaRanger Fighting Festa. Along with 27 other battle robots, Cavalier engaged in several fights. It defeated Cromkid in the final bout with a technical knockout.

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  • CB² CB²

    Osaka U., Kokoro Co. Ltd.

    JST ERATO Asada Project developed a child robot called CB2. The purpose is to study cognitive development, social maturity, behavior, attitude and other personal stuff.

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  • Centaurob I Centaurob I

    Paderborn U., C-LAB

    Centaurob I is a bipedal walking robot. It utilizes two Steward Platforms, resulting in precise, dynamic motions. Its universal joints and stepper motors help it to move efficiently.

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  • Chapit Chapit


    The Japanese company RayTron developed a household robot called Chapit. It can understand and respond to verbal commands, and can make facial expressions and gestures.

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    Robotics & Mechanisms Lab. (RoMeLa)

    Virginia Tech Robotics Mechanism Laboratory developed a bipedal humanoid called CHARLI L. Having four limbs and a head, it can walk on uneven grounds and can kick a ball.

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  • Chatterbot Chatterbot


    Chatterbot is an animated computer accessory robot developed by WowWee. This fun robot makes witty comments based on the user's activities. It also can play music and works with email and private messaging. Chatterbot attaches to a unit through a USB…

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