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Robots from A to Z: C(53)

  • ConnectR ConnectR


    A telepresence robot from iRobot, ConnectR has one-way video, two-way audio, and robust security features to permit virtual visiting for business or personal purposes.

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  • Core

    Chiba Inst. of Tech. (CIT)

    Furo and CIT Company developed a bipedal robot called Core. It has six-joint bipedal legs for balance, can absorb shock effectively, and can carry handicapped individuals.

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  • Cosero Cosero

    NimbRo, U. of Bonn

    Cosero is a multifunctional service robot able to understand complex spoken commands, recognize individuals, remember locations and fetch items, and even cook an omelet.

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  • Crab Crab

    H&S Robots

    The Crab is a robot animal almost a meter in diameter. It features 2 parallax servo controllers, 25 articulations, and pincers and locomotive parts of high-grade steel.

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  • Creo Creo

    National U. of Singapore (NUS), Mechatronics and Automation Lab.

    Creo is a customizable humanoid research robot in development since 2009. It utilizes close kinematics, daisy chain network topology, and an open architectural platform.

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  • Cronos Cronos

    Machine Consciousness Lab., U. of Bristol

    The anthropomimetic CRONOS robot displays internal and external human behaviors. It is currently used for research, but will perform various service tasks when completed.

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  • Cybot Cybot

    Real Robots

    Cybot was developed by Real Robots. This robot can rotate 360 degrees and detect light levels. It uses LDR and sonar to navigate around objects.

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  • Cycler Cycler

    Cycler (renamed Recycler) is a lovable humanoid robot developed for environmental education. It speaks, plays MP3s, and follows spoken commands using 5 microcontrollers.

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