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Robots from A to Z: D(49)

  • D2V-ZN

    D2E Robotics

    D2V-ZN was created by D2E Robotics. It is a programmable walking robot with face detection and voice recognition. Its color camera is used for visual and image capturing.

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  • Dabo Dabo

    Technical U. of Catalonia, Escola Superior de Disseny (ESDI)

    ESDi and Institute of Robotics and Industrial Informatics developed an adorable robot called Dabo. It is part of the URUS project to enhance the quality of human life.

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  • Daddy The Easy 1 Daddy The Easy 1

    Hosei U.

    Daddy the Easy 1 is also known as Easy Going Daddy. This gymnastic robot was invented by Hosei University and Takashima Lab. The robot does a high bar routine routine like a real gymnast. Takashima Lab has a video clip of the robot performing on its official…

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  • Dandadan

    Dandadan is a dancing robot that participated in Robo One 2009. It has a purple and white body. This adorable robot amazed the audience by catching a ball and performing smooth dance moves. The developers, Team Danadan of Japan, plan to continue work…

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  • Dany Walker Dany Walker

    Freie U. Berlin

    Dany Walker is a true walking robot. Fuzzy algorithms give it smooth balance and lateral plane control. It can even walk on inclined surfaces due to force sensors on its feet.

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  • Dara Dara

    Semnan U.

    Dara's primary function is to simulate human behavior with the idea of it being able to perform human tasks in the future. It has voice recognition and follows voice commands.

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    Robotics & Mechanisms Lab. (RoMeLa)

    RoMeLa team at Virginia Tech developed a small humanoid called DARwIn-OP. Built on open source platform, it allows users to modify either hardware or software, or both.

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  • Date Masamune Date Masamune

    Matsuyoshi Dolls, JR Propo

    Date Masamune is a miniature robot based on the legendary Samurai of the same name. JR Propo and Matsuyoshi Dolls created this robot, which is available for rent for expos and special events. Date Masamune has sword and body armor and cost 1 million yen…

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  • DB DB

    Glasgow U.

    Humanoid robot DB is the same size as a human adult. It learns through interacting with humans and can imitate movements. Among other actions, DB can paddle, catch a ball, join in on a drum performance, and play with a yoyo and slinky.

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  • Delfi-n3xt Delfi-n3Xt

    TU Delft, TU Delft Robotics Institute

    Launched in November 2013, Delfi-n3Xt is a small satellite that aims at facilitating practical education, nanosatellite innovation as well as technology demonstration. The main objective of Delfi-n3Xt is to support and strengthen the goals of the Delfi…

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  • Delivery Robot Delivery Robot


    Delivery Robot was developed by Panasonic as a healthcare robot. It can navigate through hospitals dispersing medication as needed. Only 1 out of 50,000 ampules were broken by this amazing robot during tests. Delivery Robot has integrated sensors that…

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  • Denise Denise

    Delft Biorobotics Lab., TU Delft

    Denise is a pneumatically powered walking robot. It uses the concept of passive dynamic walking and is a natural looking biped robot. Denise has bending, extending knees.

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  • DexTAR DexTAR


    DexTAR is a desktop dual-arm SCARA robot for research and educational purposes. It is a parallel robot designed mainly for pick and place operations.

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  • Dexter Dexter

    U. of Massachusetts Amherst

    DEXTER is a dynamically balancing robot with air cylinder-driven joints. This robot moves a little stiffly, but it learns how to walk with a wide range of abilities.

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