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Robots from A to Z: E(29)

  • E-One E-One

    EOS Innovation

    Monitoring robot E-One can remotely patrol an area and alert its owner about suspicious activities. Its developers intend to improve it so that it can help elderly and disabled people and watch over small children. Its infrared and ultrasonic sensors…

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  • E.M.A. E.M.A.

    Sega Toys Co. Ltd.

    If you want to see a robot that looks and acts feminine, SEGA’s E.M.A. fits the bill. This humanoid robot can hand out business cards and sing. It is 38 centimeters tall.

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  • Eco-be! Eco-be!


    The watch company, Citizen, developed a miniature soccer playing robot called Eco-Be. This wheel driven robot is powered by a watch battery and can move in any direction.

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  • ED-E ED-E

    Mech RC, RM Education

    Educational robot ED-E is used to teach students about computer programming and physics, among other subjects. Its transparent body frame allows children to watch its parts work.

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  • Main Features of Edison Edison


    Robot Edison is an easy-to-program robot for students of all ages and also for both beginner and experienced hobbyists. Edison is an effective and affordable way to teach students about robotics, programming and broader STEM lessons. Edison is also Lego…

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  • EL-E El-E

    Emory U., Georgia Inst. of Tech.

    The EL-E independent robot was developed to assist people with disabilities. This mobile robot can pick up objects from the floor that may be hard for disabled people to reach.

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  • Elfoid P1 Elfoid P1

    Osaka U.

    Hiroshi Ishiguro of Osaka University developed a humanoid mobile phone robot called Elfoid P1. Its cover has a human-skin feel and it represents the caller on the other line.

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  • Eliza Eliza

    China Aerospace Science & Ind. Corp., Beijing Inst. of Tech. (BIT)

    Robot guide Eliza is a humanoid robot used to entertain people. It has been used in many Wal-Mart stores and shopping malls. Besides dancing for shoppers, Eliza has speech recognition and can have simple Chinese conversations. It is fully controllable…

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  • Elmo live Elmo live


    Sesame Street fans will love the Elmo Live robot. This adorable robot is based off the character of Elmo. It can tell jokes, sing and dance, and even sneeze. Its balance sensor makes it aware of when it falls, and it will ask for help to get back up.

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  • Elvina Elvina

    Chalmers U.

    Elvina is a life-sized humanoid robot. It is fully independent, has a single board PC, and runs on Linux operating system. This robot also has 24 degrees of freedom.

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  • Elvis Elvis

    Chalmers U.

    Scale model humanoid robot Elvis stands just 70 centimeters tall. Fully autonomous, it can walk and navigate around. Elvis also has an onboard computer and power supply.

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    Robo-Engine’s EMMA-U0A weighs only 850 grams. This small, lightweight humanoid robot can use its arms to lift objects and has 23 degrees of freedom. It also has a GWS servo.

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  • EngKey EngKey

    Korea Inst. of Science and Tech. (KIST)

    Korean Institute of Science and Technology developed an egg-shaped robot called EngKey. It facilitates real-time interaction between students and their remote teachers.

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