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Robots from A to Z: F(28)

  • FaceBots (Sarah) FaceBots (Sarah)

    Interactive Robots and Media Lab., UAE U.

    University of UAE created an interactive robot called Sarah the Facebot. It can connect to Facebook, retrieve statuses and information, and interact with people using shared memories.

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  • Fairyfly Fairyfly


    Fairyfly is a flying robot invented by WowWee. This adorable robot Comes with an easy-to-use remote control and can fly for 5 straight minutes before needing a recharge. The Fairyfly robot comes in four different colors based on the four seasons and is…

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  • Family Nanny Robot Family Nanny Robot

    Shenyang Siasun Robot & Automation Co. Ltd.

    Shenyan Siasun Robot & Automation Co. Ltd. developed a household robot called Family Nanny Robot. It can detect fire and gas, can call owner, and can interact with humans.

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  • Fantasia Robot Fantasia Robot

    Nautilus Hyosung

    Nautilus Hyosung developed a guide robot called Fantasia Robot. It can give directions to visitors, and its touchscreen allows to watch ads, check appointments and verify parking tickets.

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  • FastRunner FastRunner

    IHMC, Massachusetts Inst. of Tech. (MIT)

    The FastRunner robot was developed by IHMC and patterned after an ostrich. It is capable of moving 27 MPH and has self-stabilizing legs equipped with single motors. IHMC hopes to use the FastRunner robot in fire rescues and natural calamities.

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  • FDK service robot

    The FDK service robots were designed to assist humans in places such as offices and commercial facilities. They can also be utilized as security patrol robots. FDK robots can move autonomously and have a 3d visual processing system. Some of the tasks…

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  • Femisapien Femisapien


    WowWee has invented a female humanoid robot called Femisapien. This fembot is capable of taking lessons from you and has three interactive modes to choose from. It can walk and talk with you and has an amazing 56 functions, plus another 59 hidden ones.

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    FILIO was created as a robo mascot for an extra-curricular science program in Japan. Though outdated now, FILIO helped many students learn about advanced robot technology.

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  • Fine Fine

    The FINE robot helps handle domestic fires. This amazing robot has a built-in smoke detector. If it detects a fire, it puts it out and alerts firemen if no one is around.

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  • Fire Fighting Robot (FFR) Fire Fighting Robot (FFR)

    U. of California San Diego

    The Fire Fighting Robot developed is a robot vehicle that can be used to explore a building which is on fire. It gathers information about the fire intensity and structure integrity while looking for survivors. Then it presents its information using a…

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  • Fish Project Fish Project

    Queen's U.

    Fish Project is an award-winning robot. Developed by Queen’s University students, it has servomotors that propel its fins. The robot contains a microcontroller and swims in an aquarium.

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  • Flame

    Delft Biorobotics Lab., TU Delft

    Delft Biorobotics Lab. developed a biped humanoid robot called Flame. It has advanced actuators, can walk sideways, and can handle an 8-millimeter step-down disturbance.

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  • FlatThru FlatThru

    Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.

    Sanyo developed a wheel-driven delivery robot called FlatThru. It can carry liquids, has ultramodern sensors for stability, and is able to recognize human faces and voices.

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  • FloBi FloBi

    Bielefeld U.

    Bielefeld University of Germany developed a robotic head called FloBi. It can display a wide range of human emotions, can recognize faces and can take the shape of male or female face.

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  • Flytech Lightstar Flytech Lightstar


    WowWee created a flying robot called Flytech Lightstar. This remote controlled flier soars through the air for four minutes at a time and needs only 10 minutes to recharge. It emits a dazzling light display as it flies. The remote control gives you the…

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  • FR-i FR-i

    Korea Inst. of Science and Tech. (KIST)

    Korea Institute of Science and Technology developed a humanoid called FR-I which expresses a wide variety of facial expressions. It has movable eyes, eyebrows and lips.

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