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Robots from A to Z: H(50)

  • H2-X H2-X

    Faustex Systems Corporation

    The H2-X robot is faster than a human but safe to interact with. This entertainment robot can do martial arts and dance. It is a bipedal robot with human-like features.

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  • Hadaly 2 Hadaly 2

    Sugano Lab., Waseda U.

    Hadaly-2 was developed to move toward a world where humans and robots coexist peacefully. It is designed to respond to stimuli as though it was human. Hadaly-2 can react to the intensity of light, pick up objects and do handshakes, and engage in interesting…

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  • Hai Bao Hai Bao

    Zhejiang U.

    Hai Bao robot is a service robot capable of conversing in 6 different dialects. It was created to greet visitors at the Shanghai World Expo 2010; shaking hands, talking, and taking pictures with them. Thirty-seven of these smart robots were used at the…

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  • Haile Haile

    Georgia Inst. of Tech.

    Haile is a robotic drummer with the ability to improvise and create new music. Using intricate algorithms, this robot can listen, study and improvise. Haile has beat and rhythm detection and the ability to play acoustically, which will lead to a whole…

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  • Hair-wash robot Hair-wash robot


    Panasonic's Hair-Washing robot was developed to wash, rinse, and dry hair for elderly and disabled people. It can even give a scalp massage with its 24 gentle robotic fingers. It will be a huge help in medical and hospice settings, providing a faster,…

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    Tsukuba U., Cyberdyne

    HAL is a cyborg-type robot developed by Cyberdyne and Tsukuba University. Equipped with powerful angle sensors for both upper and lower limbs, it enhances the physical capability of the person wearing it. It is intended to assist handicapped individuals,…

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  • Haru Haru

    JSK Lab., U. of Tokyo

    The Japanese JSK Laboratory launched the HARU Project and created the Haru robot series. This service robot has RC Servo which serves as actuators controlled by a radio.

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  • Haruka

    Team Dornbirn has developed a humanoid sumo robot called the Haruka. The Austrian robot has light and infrared sensors. This robot can also avoid obstacles and translate.

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  • Hawk Hawk

    Dr Robot

    Canadian robot the Hawk looks like a hawk and has a long claw. This versatile robot can play drums and serve drinks. The company hopes to make it cost-effective for end-users.

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    Bielefeld U.

    Cognitive Interaction Technology developed a hexapod walking robot called HECTOR. This insect robot has algorithm controlled elastic joint drives that imitate muscle movements.

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  • HelloSpoon HelloSpoon


    HelloSpoon is an affordable meal assistance, feeding robot for helping people with upper limb difficulties or special needs to eat their meals. Shaped as a baby elephant, HelloSpoon is specifically designed for children and elderly people to create an…

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    Carnegie Mellon U. (CMU), Quality of Life Technologies, Intel

    Intel’s HERB is a butler robot designed to help around the home. It has voice recognition and object manipulation capabilities. HERB can even be controlled with an iPhone.

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    U. München

    HERMES is an experimental robot that is part of technology studies. It can interact with humans and speak in English, French, and German. The robot also performs some tasks.

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    HERO-1 has been around since the early 80’s. It is an excellent teaching tool and robot lab. This educational robot can detect light, sound and movement and maneuvers easily.

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