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Robots from A to Z: I(37)

  • I Robot I Robot

    The East Japan Railway Company (JR East) created the humanoid I Robot. This robot guide has several interactive features and will be utilized at all Japanese train stations.

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  • I-Cybie I-Cybie

    Silverlit Robotics

    I-Cybie the toy robot dog has plenty of advanced features to enhance play. Touch sensors enable an automatic response to a pat or scratch. Advanced sound sensors allow I-Cybie to respond to voice and clap commands. It also has a listening mode and five…

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  • I-Droid I-Droid

    Robotech srl (Italy)

    RoboTech SRL, an Italian robotic firm, created I-Droid. It is a programmable humanoid and can follow voice commands. It is mainly intended for educational and entertainment purposes.

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    Kokoro Co. Ltd.

    KoKoro Co. Ltd. developed a humanoid called I-Fairy which has a futuristic and sophisticated design. It is suited for places where regular update of information is needed.

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  • I-Sobot Omnibot 17 I-Sobot Omnibot 17?

    Takara Tomy / Tomy co., Ltd.

    Tomy Company developed the world's smallest humanoid robot called I-SOBOT Omnibot 17?. It has gyro-sensors for balance, infrared remote-control unit, and four modes of operation.

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  • Ibn Sina (Arabic-speaking Robot) Ibn Sina (Arabic-speaking Robot)

    Interactive Robots and Media Lab., UAE U.

    UAE University created the world’s first Arabic speaking robot called Ibn Sina. It is an interactive humanoid which recognizes faces, retrieves information and connects to internet.

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  • iCat iCat


    Philips Electronics has created a research platform robot called iCat. The research focuses on social robotics, joint collaboration, gaming, joint attention and ambient intelligence.

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  • iComar iComar


    Samsung Korea has created an "edutainment" robot, the iComar. This small robot can function as a home security robot, sounding an alarm and texting its owner if it detects unusual activity. It also has Internet connectivity, allowing two-way live video…

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  • iCub iCub

    RobotCub Consortium developed a humanoid called iCub. Using cognitive hypothesis of a human, it can crawl, hit bulls-eye in archery, grasp small objects and express facial expressions.

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  • iDog iDog


    Sega Toys created the iDog which is a canine robot and is primarily a musical companion for people. It accepts sounds, remembers songs, composes music and dances to rhythms.

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  • ifbot ifbot

    Business Design Lab.

    Japan’s Business Design Laboratory developed a humanoid called Ifbot. It uses its own emotions to detect emotions of people, hears their tone and words, and communicates with them.

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  • Igoid Igoid

    JSK Lab., U. of Tokyo

    Igoid is a humanoid robot designed by JSK Laboratories to research sensor-based reactive behaviors. It has a tactile sensor suit that enables it to respond to touch and sound.

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  • IHMC Biped IHMC Biped

    Florida Inst. for Human and Machine Cognition

    Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition, created the IHMC Biped robot, a lower body humanoid robot. It can recover from a slight push and can balance itself on one leg.

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  • ii 1 ii 1

    Konan U.

    Hirotaka Nakayama and his students developed a communication humanoid robot called Ii-1. It uses software to perform question and answer tasks using natural language.

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  • iitsii iitsii


    Developed by the Robugtix Company, iitsii serves as an interactive platform to play with robotics. This hexapod robot kit is user-friendly, affordable and provides an interesting platform to get an idea of the world of robotics.

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