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Robots from A to Z: I(37)

  • InBirdie InBirdie


    Digital Media for Brain and Health developed a golf playing humanoid called InBirdie. It can play a round of virtual golf, and can express emoticon-like facial expressions.

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  • Infanoid Infanoid

    Intl. Vital Device Co. Ltd.

    Hideki Kozima of NICT developed a child-like humanoid called Infanoid. It moves its lips as per the sound produced by speech synthesizer and moves eyebrows for facial expressions.

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  • Innok TX

    Innok Robotics GmbH

    The Innok Robotics TX is a 6 wheel drive high speed mobile robot platform for research, inspection and telepresense applications. Equipped with independent suspension and reaching maximum speeds up

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  • Iowa Humanoid Iowa Humanoid

    Developmental Robotics Lab of Iowa State University developed an unnamed humanoid which can identify objects by analyzing the sounds they make when they are pushed, touched and shaken.

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  • Irobo Irobo

    Intl. Islamic U. Chittagong

    A Bangladeshi student, Feroz Ahmed Siddiky, created Irobo. This robot is a humanoid and is entirely made up of scrap materials. It can follow voice commands and can mimic humans.

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  • IRT Humanoid IRT Humanoid

    IRT Research Initiative, U. of Tokyo

    Tokyo University developed a humanoid called Information and Robot Technology to help the aeging society. This bipedal humanoid is covered in soft latex foam and paper.

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    Politecnico Di Torino

    The IsaacTeam of Polytechnic University of Turin created a bipedal humanoid robot called ISAAC. Controlled by optical encoders, this robot can be used in therapeutic areas.

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    Cognitive Robotics Laboratory in Vanderbilt University built ISAC. It is a humanoid and has pneumatically powered arms. It memorizes information and can display various complex behaviours.

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  • Isamu Isamu

    Kawada Industries, Inc.

    The ISAMU robot was developed by Kawada Industries. It operates on RT Linux and has 3D vision and motion-planning software. This bipedal robot can be operated with a joystick.

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  • iSHA iSHA

    SHALAB., Waseda U.

    Humanoid Robotics Institute developed the interactive Systems for Humanoid Agent robot to harmonize machine and human environments naturally, intuitively and seamlessly.

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    Speecy’s Corporation developed the Internet Renaissance Robot or ITR. The droid uses Robot Mark-up Language and can download content from internet by connecting to a wireless LAN.

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