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Robots from A to Z: J(19)

  • J4 J4


    J4 was created by Japan’s leading audio-visual equipment company, JVC. It is capable of speech, face and obstacle recognition. It uses 2 types of servos and its body was built with aluminum frames. This tiny robot is only 7.8 inches tall but its lithium-ion…

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  • Jack Jack

    Jack was created by Yasuo Kuniyoshi of the Electrotechnical Laboratory and the Japanese Science and Technology Agency. This humanoid is aimed to autonomously help the aging population of Japan.

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  • James James

    LIRA Lab., U. of Genova

    LIRA Laboratory at the University of Genoa created James. It is a flexible humanoid which uses physical models of neural control and cognitive structures to study human brain function.

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  • Janet Janet

    National Taiwan U. of Sc. & Tech.

    National Taiwan University of Science and technology created Janet which is a humanoid performer robot. It can not only talk and sing but walk and perform several actions.

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  • Jazz Connect Jazz Connect


    Jazz Connect was developed by Gostai as a modern robot that can be an avatar of its controller at a distant location. S/he can see what the robot sees while moving it to communicate with people.

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  • Jibo Jibo

    JIBO is a humanized, highly interactive robot that, will have a range of capabilities making it the perfect helper and companion around the house. It is being developed by a team led by Cynthia Breazeal, an MIT professor and pioneer in the field of social…

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  • JingJing JingJing

    Beijing Inst. of Tech. (BIT)

    Jing-Jing is a martial arts robot developed by the Beijing Institute of Technology. Jing-Jing has 28 DOF and was built with sensors, encoder wheels and a harmonic reducer.

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  • JKU Bipedal Robot JKU Bipedal Robot

    dSPACE, JKU Linz

    SCHUNK, SPACE and Johannes Kepler University combined their skills to create the JKU Bipedal Robot. It has 6 human-like DOF and force-torque sensors to create stability. A stereo-camera located in its head allows it to view its surroundings.

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    Futaba, Himeji Softworks

    JO-ZERO is a lightweight robot capable of performing twists and turns just like a real gymnast. It is operated by a remote control and can duck or climb over obstacles with no problems. It weighs 800 grams. Extra joints in its arms and back help the robot…

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  • Joebot Joebot


    Joebot is WowWee's first humanoid robot that responds to voice command. It cracks jokes and makes hilarious comments. This advanced robot has joystick hands to program and control it. It has six different modes of operation and LED eyes and mouth.

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  • Joy Joy

    Korea Advanced Inst. of Science and Tech. (KAIST)

    House steward robot Joy acts as the human/machine interface inside intelligent homes. It has a planning algorithm system so it can complete tasks with minimal human input needed. Joy also can grasp objects with grippers on its arms and bring them to its…

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  • Jules Jules

    Hanson Robotics

    Hanson Robotics developed Jules which is an android robot. It looks like a real human and contains servomotors, advanced animatronics and possesses artificial intelligence.

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    Adv. Control Lab., National Taiwan U.

    Julia was designed to be a perfect home companion. Not only can she help keep your home safe by acting as a guard, this versatile robot can sing and dance as well. Julia is also able to provide web browsing, digital music retrieval and broadcasting information.

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    Junimotion is a tiny robot developed by Robotro of South Korea. This 15-inch tall robot has a ring-shaped object on it head so it can be moved quickly and easily. It is battery operated and can run for 30 minutes continuously. Junimotion can perform exercises…

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