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Robots from A to Z: K(41)


    K-EBO was developed by KUT as a social robot capable of making realistic facial expressions. Each hand has five fingers, enabling it to grasp and hold objects. It has a touchscreen is mounted in its chest for users to enter commands. K-EBO has flexible…

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  • Ka-Nok Ka-Nok

    King Mongkut 's U. of Tech. Thonburi (KMUTT)

    KMUTT created Ka-Nok, a humanoid autonomous striker robot. With its tracking camera, accelerometer, gyros and a light-weight body, this robot can effectively track a football and kick it.

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    Korea Advanced Inst. of Science and Tech. (KAIST)

    KaMERo is a mobile robot with three leg-wheels. This wheeled robot is able to move in three different ways thanks in part to a 90 degree bendable knee joint in each leg. The rear leg is an active wheel, and the other two are passive and to give it stability.…

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    Nippon Engineering College

    Nippon Engineering College of Japan created KARFE, a humanoid robot which has interactive capabilities that enable it to function as a guard and even take care of children.

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  • Karotz Karotz


    Karotz is a social media robot designed to make using social media easy and fun. It uses voice recognition to allow you to reply to social messages. Karotz can be an alarm clock and check weather and traffic through its WiFi connection. It has facial…

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  • Kaspar Kaspar

    U. of Hertfordshire

    University of Hertfordshire created the child-sized humanoid robot called KASPAR. Its aim is to study the interaction between humans and robots, and assist kids with autism.

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  • Kaz Kaz

    JSK Lab., U. of Tokyo

    JSK Laboratories at the University of Tokyo created the humanoid KAZ in 2003. The robot is remote-brained, can operate on its own and can control the software of small humanoids.

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  • Keepon Keepon

    Carnegie Mellon U. (CMU), Natl. Inst. of Information and Communication Tech. (NiCT)

    Dr. Hideki Kozima from Japan developed this robot which can interact with kids with autism. It is touch sensitive, reacts to emotions using sound and dances upon hearing music.

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    Keio U., Muratec

    KEITA is a receptionist robot at the Faculty of Science and Technology. It can meet and greet visitors, conduct campus tours and answer questions. This Japanese-speaking robot is fully autonomous and spends most of its time with visitors. It only returns…

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  • Kenken Kenken

    Tokyo Inst. of Tech. (TITECH)

    Tokyo Institute of Technology developed a one-legged hopping robot called KENKEN. It has hydraulic actuators as muscles and spring as tendon using which it can hop on one leg.

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  • Kenta Kenta

    JSK Lab., U. of Tokyo

    JSK Laboratories developed Kenta, an advanced child-sized humanoid robot. It has a spine enabling it to perform whole body movements and tracks objects using eyes, neck and spine.

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  • Khepera III Khepera III


    K-Team, a Swiss company, developed Khepera III. It is a small wheeled robot with features akin to larger robots. It uses KoreBot system and users are able to customize the specifications.

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  • Kibertron Kibertron

    Kibertron Inc

    KIBERTRON will be the first intelligent humanoid robot, based on a special computer with chaotic logic. The robot’s intellect, autonomy, composition, kinematics, dimensions and dynamics will be similar to that of humans.

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  • KIBO Decorating KIBO

    Kinderlab Robotics

    KIBO robot from Kinderlab Robotics is an educational robot kit for children between four and seven. Playing with KIBO teaches them technical, problem solving and cognitive skills. KIBO teaches children not only problem solving but show them that learning…

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  • King Kizer King Kizer

    Naoki Maru created King Kizer, which is a boxing champion of Robo-One. This fighting robot has the Kinect-style motion technology allowing it to follow and copy other's motions.

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