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Robots from A to Z: L(23)

  • Labradoodle Puppy Labradoodle Puppy


    Labradoodle Puppy is a toy robot animal developed by WowWee, a company known for their robotic animals. Labradoodle Puppy has realistic fur and onboard motors that allow the robot to move its head and paws. It uses 4 "AA" batteries and has an adoption…

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  • Land Walker Land Walker

    Sakakibara Kikai Co.,Ltd

    Sakakibara-Kikai Company Ltd., a Japanese manufacturer, developed Land Walker which stands at 340cm. It has a cockpit, two air cannons and can walk at a speed of 1.5km per hour.

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    Technical U. of Darmstadt

    Oskar Von Stryk developed a humanoid named LARA. It has artificial muscles, and can recognize language and respond to it. It also converts an idea in a sentence into Meta-grammar.

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    Asurada created the humanoid fighting robot called LAYERED-X. It can transform itself into various shapes and had a spectacular performance during the Robo-One Competition in 2006.

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  • Lea Lea

    Delft Biorobotics Lab.

    Lea serves as a home service robot, which is not only effective but affordable as well. Lea is capable of performing a variety of tasks, combining high-tech speech recognition, person tracking, object recognition as well as autonomous navigation.

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  • Leo Leo

    TU Delft, Delft Biorobotics Lab.

    Leo is a 2D walking robot that is built by the Delft University of Technology for machine learning tests for humanoid robots. The boom construction of this 2D robot enables it to walk in circles and provides power to make sure the learning experiments…

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  • Leonardo Leonardo

    Media Lab.

    Dr. Cynthia Breazeal's team at MIT created Leonardo, a non-humanoid robot. It has complex facial mapping techniques, can mimick a human and can respond to a task given to it.

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  • Leopard Leopard


    Leopard is an Alive mini toy robot by WowWee. This little robot has realistic fur and looks like an actual leopard cub. State-of-the-art motors create interactive and animated motion and it makes growling sounds with its animated mouth. Leopard also moves…

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  • Libero Libero

    Sejong Robotics

    Libero was created by Sejong robotics to be an edutainment robot. This robot can serve as a vacuum cleaner, getting dirt off the floors with its brush and suction. Libero also provides educational lessons. Its content can be updated online so that the…

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  • Ligurio Ligurio


    The Ligurio is a security robot that can perform multiple tasks. It can move and pick up possible hazardous materials as well as patrol. Ligurio's GPS has a margin of error of only a few centimeters. When it detects intruders it gives a verbal warning,…

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  • Lil'Bot left side Lil'Bot

    Lil’bot, the little robot that could, is a low-cost, open-source, Arduino-compatible balancing robot. It is ideal for learning to program, hacking and, of course, entertainment. Lil'bot can express some artificial emotions through an emoticon-like LED…

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  • Lion cub alive Lion cub alive


    WowWee's Lion Cub Alive is one of their robotic toy Alive minis. Servomotors allow it to blink and move its mouth, and its touch sensors respond to petting and cuddling. Tilt sensors allow the robot to know when it's being turned. Lion cub Alive comes…

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  • LittleDog LittleDog

    Boston Dynamics

    Boston Dynamics has specifically designed the LittleDog robot for doing research on locomotion. Scientists at major institutions use LittleDog for probing the basic relationships among dynamic control, motor learning, environmental perception and rough-terrain…

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    Nanyang Technological U.

    The humanoid robot LOCH has multiple sensors to study its environment. Visual sensors mounted in its head include stereo cameras and a laser range finder. It can climb stairs and move on flat surfaces. LOCH has movable body parts and pressure sensors…

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  • Locust Inspired Jumping Robot Locust Inspired Jumping Robot


    EPFL created Locust Inspired Jumping Robot which is a tiny robot which can jump very high. It has potential to be used in search and rescue operations and in monitoring environment.

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  • Loki Loki

    Loki is a hobby robot named after the Norse god of Mischief. It can move with its wheels and is capable of grasping objects. Loki has an impressive list of components, including 2 Logitech Notebook Pro webcams and a Mark III controller board. It can speak,…

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  • Lola Lola

    Technical U. Munich, UniBw München

    Lola is a humanoid developed by the Technical University of Munich and the Institute of Technology Autonomous Systems. It has an onboard computer, several remote control modules, and a smart sensor-actuator. A simulation program has been developed to…

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  • LS3 LS3

    Boston Dynamics

    Developed by Boston Dynamics, LS3, also known as Legged Squad Support Systems, is a modern robot that can go anywhere. As soldiers and marines go on foot, the rough-terrain robots carry the heavy loads. They can automatically follow their leaders by using…

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