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Robots from A to Z: M(79)

  • M1 Mobile Manipulator M1 Mobile Manipulator

    Meka Robotics

    The M1 Mobile Manipulator is a customizable mobile manipulation platform. This humanoid robot, created by Meka Robotics, can lift up to a 1.5 kg payload. It is equipped with compliant force control and has bluetooth and LAN connectivity. It has a Kinect…

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  • M2 M2

    Leg Lab. (MIT)

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Leg laboratory created a three dimensional bipedal walking robot called M2. It will be used to study various motion algorithms and technologies.

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    Michigan U.

    MABEL was developed to help physically challenged individuals walk again and provide rescuers with superhuman capabilities. It is the world’s fastest knee-equipped bipedal robot. There are two motors in each leg that utilize a cable transmission. MABEL…

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  • Macra Macra

    U. of Tokyo, JSK Lab.

    JSK Lab developed a humanoid robot called Macra. This humanoid has pressure and temperature-sensitive skin, and bothType-I and Type-II Motor Unit Smart Actuator Modules. Capable of stepping and crawling, Macra is equipped with multi dimensional sensors.

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  • Mad Hurricane Mad Hurricane


    Tokyo based Poseidon developed the Mad Hurricane which is a lightweight tough robot. This programmable remote-controlled robot has a large range of movements and can punch and kick.

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  • Maidroid Maidroid

    Maidroid Lab.

    Maidroid is considered to be the world’s first entertainment humanoid robot. It was built by Maidroid lab in 2007. It is extremely advanced and has more than 10 degrees of freedom. Due to a lack of torque, the robot has many RC servo motors to strengthen…

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  • Majingaa Majingaa

    Team Majingaa from Japan developed Majingaa based on the Great Mazinger, an anime character. It is controlled by a body harness and was the first robot to be controlled internally.

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  • Mamoru Mamoru

    U. of Tokyo, IRT Research Initiative

    Developed by the University of Tokyo, the small robotic machine Mamoru is a service robot designed to care for the elderly. Momoru can tell where specific objects are, even if they have been misplaced, and bring them to its owner. The helpful robot can…

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  • Manekin Robotto Manekin Robotto

    Hyogo Prefectural Inst. of Tech.

    Hyogo Prefectural Institute of Technology created a model robot called Manekin Robotto which walks on a ramp. It is lightweight and has the potential to replace real models in future.

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  • Manoi PF01 Manoi PF01

    Robo-Garage, Kyosho

    Tomotaka Takahashi and Kyosho has created Manoi PF01 whose design and programming is based on the style and actions of anime characters. It is equipped with an RC servo module.

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  • MaNUS Manus

    National U. of Singapore (NUS), Mechatronics and Automation Lab.

    Dr. Prahlad Vadakkepat of the National University of Singapore developed this soccer playing robot called MaNUS. It has a range of motions and can imitate the way humans walk.

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  • Marge Marge

    University of Oxford developed the Marge, a prototype robot for literate artificial intelligence. It contains OCR software, a dictionary and a spellchecker enabling it to scan and read texts.

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    Mesa Robotics

    Mesa Robotics developed a low cost and expendable wheeled-robot called MARV. This state-of-the art robot has the potential to be used in military, government, and civilian purposes.

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