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Robots from A to Z: M(79)

  • Moogle Moogle

    Robo-Garage, Chiba Inst. of Tech. (CIT), Daiwa House

    Moogle is a specialized robot for inspection of confined spaces. It's controlled via Wi-Fi, has cameras for driving and inspecting, and operates for an hour per charge.

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  • Morph 3 Morph 3

    Leading Edge Design

    Conventionally but solidly built, Morph 3 has a duralumin frame and can brace itself for falls. An advanced CPU, 30 servos, and 138 sensors make it highly athletic.

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  • Mowgli Mowgli

    U. of Tokyo

    Mowgli is a Japanese robot which can jump and land autonomously. This air powered robot contains an artificial musculoskeletal system with pneumatic muscles which give it six DOF.

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  • Mr. Personality Mr. Personality


    Mr. Personality has been developed to contain a personality. This interactive robot tells jokes and discusses future. It has activity modes and customizable personalities.

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  • Mr. SemProM Mr. SemProM

    DFKI Bremen

    Mr. SemProM is a 1.75m humanoid whose modifiable gripper-equipped arms and multiple cameras (including wrist cameras for fine manipulations) allow it to carry objects.

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  • Mujiro Mujiro


    Security robot Mujiro's advanced sensors enable it to detect humans behind walls and identify individuals from an incredible 30 miles away; it also disposes of bombs.

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  • Mung Mung

    Yonsei U., Korea Advanced Inst. of Science and Tech. (KAIST)

    Mung has a simple look and a yellow-orange color. Start cursing it, though, and it accumulates LED “bruises” according to the amount and variety of your foul language.

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  • Murasaki Murasaki


    Robo Garage’s Murasaki robot will thrill “The Tale of Genji” fans. Beautifully dressed and designed, it tells the story of court lady Murasaki Shikibu through an MP3 player.

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  • Murata Boy Murata Boy

    Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has created Murata Boy, the world’s first bicycling robot. It can access a LAN to receive commands and execute them with amazing accuracy.

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  • Murata Girl Murata Girl

    Murata Girl is the perfect companion to Murata Boy. This agile robot rides its unicycle while maintaining perfect balance. It can even send live feed of its travels.

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  • Murphy Murphy

    Uppsala U.

    UPPSALA University created a humanoid robot which has large shoulders and can pull 600Kg. It contains many sensors and later will be equipped with a fuel cell to make it self-powered.

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  • Musa Kendo Robot Musa Kendo Robot

    Seoul National U.

    Seoul National University in South Korea developed a Kendo fighter robot called Musa. It has sensors for power output, motion sensors and cameras which enables it to fight even humans.

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  • Museon Walker Museon Walker

    TU Delft, Delft Biorobotics Lab.

    Developed at the Delft University of Technology, Museon Walker is a completely passive walking robot that can stably walk down an incline. Museon Walker was built to demonstrate the principle of passive dynamic walking.

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  • Myon Myon

    Bayer, Frackenpohl Poulheim, Humboldt U.

    Myon was developed by the Neurbotics Research Laboratory. Its purpose is to study how robots can learn from humans. Myon has a touchscreen for easy data transmission.

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    Inst. for Personal Robotics in Education (IPRE)

    A group of various US institutes developed Myro which is a programming robot. It can hold a pen, and can navigate by avoiding obstacles in its path using its array of sensors.

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