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Robots from A to Z: N(29)

  • Nagara 3 Nagara 3

    Gifu Industries

    Gifu developed three small robots, the Nagara robots, named after a river in Japan. These humanoids were designed for human interaction. They have advanced motor skills and can detect and copy human movement. The Nagara robots each stand about 110 cm…

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    KMUTT Inst. of Field Robotics

    Humanoid robot Namo was created to serve as a friendly guide in public places such as universities. It can speak fluent Thai. Namo can track objects and gestures, which is helpful when it is conversing with a visitor. It is also programmed to perform…

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    Aldebaran Robotics

    Built by Aldebaran Robotics, NAO is an interactive humanoid robot. With a height of 58 cm and a weight of 5 kg, the programmable robot has many uses in the fields of global research and education. The autonomous robot is used in several prestigious universities…

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  • Naro Naro

    ETH Zurich

    Nautical robot Naro was created by students at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich. The robot, which resembles a tuna fish, has effective swimming-like movements that make minimal noise. It "swims" at 1-2 meters per second. The only moving…

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  • Nash Nash

    Nanyang Technological U.

    The Singaporean university NTU developed NASH which is an advanced humanoid robot. It can copy human motion, lift weights, climb a flight of stairs and follow verbal commands.

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  • NaviRobo NaviRobo

    IXS Research Corp., Pioneer

    Navi Robo is a crab-shaped navigation robot. It helps you know where to go and when to turn without taking attention away from the road. The claws vibrate and point the right way just before a turn should be made. Navi Robo is very beneficial to hearing…

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  • NeeBo NeeBo

    Robot Force

    Robot Force developed a low cost fighting robot called NeeBo. It has two degrees of freedom, takes small steps while walking and can be remotely controlled using Kondo KHR-1 controller.

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    Robo Garage created a realistic-looking humanoid robot called Neon. This robot was part of the Robodex 2003 during the "astroboy" birth celebration. It has electromagnets in its foot to create its walking motion. Neon was created to limit the inequality…

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  • Nesbot Nesbot

    Nestlé Nespresso SA, Bluebotics

    Commissioned by Nestle Nespresso, BlueBotics created Nesbot, a coffee-machine robot. It takes orders online and delivers them to the customers. A wide range of coffee blends are available when Nesbot is connected to a Pocket PC. This robot is the future…

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  • Newton Newton


    Synpet developed an intelligent humanoid called Newton which can help people in schools, homes and offices. It can walk, talk, play games, handle calls, teach and play music.

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    Media Lab.

    MIT Media Lab of the MIT developed a mobile personal robot called NEXI. It moves on self-balancing wheels, has flexible hands, and can interact with humans and help them in homes.

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    Kawada Industries, Inc.

    NEXTAGE was developed by Kawada Industries to do automated work on an industrial line in a factory. This humanoid robot has service port connections and easy-to-use software. NEXTAGE was designed to work alongside humans and make the assembly line work…

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  • NG1 NG1

    21st Century Robotics

    21st Century Robotics created NG1 which has programming options and customizations. This humanoid has Wi-Fi and can bend its waist and ankles to bend down to interact with kids.

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    Yale University scientists developed NICO which is an upper-torso humanoid robot. It mimics movement of an infant, recognizes people and helps to diagnose autism in children.

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