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Robots from A to Z: O(11)

  • Obrero Obrero

    Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab. (CSAIL)

    MIT CSAIL developed a humanoid called Obrero. It fingers have sensitive tactile sensors along with position and force control which enable it to sensitively handle an object.

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    Massachusetts Inst. of Tech. (MIT), Lab. for Autonomous Systems Research

    Octavia is a wheeled firefighting robot developed by MIT's Personal Robotics Group. The US Navy wanted a robot on board ship in order to help humans deal with fires and other emergencies. Octavia's operating system allows it to track complex objects and…

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  • Octopus Octopus

    ETH Zurich

    ETH Zurich developed a wheeled exploring robot, called Octopus. It has 15 degrees of freedom and can easily navigate different types of terrain. Tactile sensors allow it to avoid obstacles. The forearms of Octopus are linked to the arms by a motorized…

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    RoboWatch Ind.

    The German company RoboWatch developed a wheeled security robot called OFRO. It can protect people, products, and facilities, and can take decisions after evaluating the situations.

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  • Olivia Olivia

    A*Star Social Robotics Lab. (ASORO)

    Olivia is an interactive robot designed to study social robotics. It can imitate human movements and has speech capabilities to help it with intuitive learning and human interaction. Olivia is equipped with a Bumblebee 2 DVN1501 mono camera and a “brain”…

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  • OmniZero.9 OmniZero.9


    OmniZero.9 is transforming robot that can go from a bipedal humanoid robot to a rolling vehicle. It competed in the ROBO-ONE, a humanoid robot competition in Japan, and passed the qualifying rounds. OmniZero.9 has wheeled shoulders and its head tilts…

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  • Onyx Onyx

    Atair Aerospace

    Atair Aerospace developed a two-parachute system called ONYX. It contains pre-programmed altitude and position, and uses GPS and INS to autonomously guide airdropped supplies.

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  • Ottobot Ottobot

    Tiger Electronics

    Tiger Electronics developed an interactive robot called Ottobot. It has few motions but can explore its surroundings, avoid falling and interact with humans and other robots.

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