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Robots from A to Z: P(60)

  • Phoenix Phoenix

    King Mongkut 's U. of Tech. Thonburi (KMUTT)

    KMUTT developed the Phoenix which is a soccer-playing robot. This lightweight humanoid robot has servomotors, sensors, camera and microprocessor which generate its movement.

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    Pohang Inst. of Intelligent Robotics (PIRO), Pohang U. Of Science and Tech. (POSTECH)

    PHOPE was created by POSTECH University in Korea's robotic institute. This guide humanoid robot was designed to guide guests around buildings and other indoor settings. It has speech and facial recognition and a touchpad that displays map information.

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  • pi4-workerbot pi4-workerbot

    Fraunhofer IPK Berlin

    pi4-Robotics humanoid robot, Pi4-Workerbot, was designed to work with humans in multi-tasking industrial settings. It does not need a programmer to run it. Pi4-Workerbot has 7 degrees of freedom and is under Laserscanner’s category 5 of safety.

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  • PICO 2 PICO 2

    Fujitsu, Kyushu U.

    Fujitsu Robotics and Kyushu University developed PICO-2 from the HOAP-2 concept in 2005. The two foot tall human telepresence robot can walk and imitate human gestures.

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    U. of Tokyo, ISI Lab.

    A U. of Tokyo grad student built PIGORASS, a 13-foot robot quadruped with a simulated neural system, ABS resin/carbon fiber body, and both pneumatic and passive muscles.

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  • Pingo Pingo


    A Facebook-integrated robotic desk pet, Pingo reads messages, news and weather forecasts; it also has a personality and responds to physical stimuli and electronic gifts.

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    ZMP, Japan Science and Tech Agency (JST), ERATO

    PINO is a 70 cm humanoid robot with research and educational applications. Released by ZMP in 2002, it utilizes a Linux-based open platform and PlayStation controllers.

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  • Pirkus-R Pirkus-R

    I Bee, KDDI

    KDDI and I Bee of Japan developed a bipedal humanoid called Pirkus-R. It has the ability to see objects and faces, verify the faces against its own database and recognize them.

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  • Pithekos Pithekos

    DFKI Bremen

    DFKI Bremen created a four-legged galloping robot called the Pithekos. It is lightweight, fast, reliable and is able to take tight turns on different surfaces and terrains.

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  • Pivo-kun Pivo-kun

    NEC, Nissan

    Pivo-kun is the robotic guiding agent for Nissan's Pivo 2 electric concept car. It guides drivers using GPS, and keeps them alert by talking and nonverbal communication.

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  • Planar Biped Planar Biped

    Massachusetts Inst. of Tech. (MIT)

    MIT developed a two-legged planar running machine called Planar Biped. It has a flexible body, uses single-legged algorithms and is used to study movements on rough topography.

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  • Plen Plen

    Systec Akazawa

    Plen is a 23 cm desktop entertainment robot. The user-assembled humanoid is controlled via Bluetooth, and has a 32-bit ARM processor, 18 DOF and 20 pre-installed motions.

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  • Pleo Pleo

    Jetta, Ugobe

    PLEO is a baby dinosaur robot with realistic appearance and natural motion thanks to force-feedback and surface detection sensors. It's upgradeable via USB or SD card.

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  • PoCoBot PoCoBot

    Business Design Lab.

    PoCoBot adds eyes, arms, and feet to a typical personal computer. It's unclear what purpose this serves, but at least it's easy to program and the hardware is expandable.

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  • Polar Bear Alive Polar Bear Alive


    Polar Bear Alive is a robotic toy animal from China's WowWee. Touch and tilt sensors let it know when it's being handled, and it makes realistic sounds and movements.

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  • Polaris Polaris

    Flower Robotics, KDDI

    Polaris robot charges mobile phones while removing data from them for interacting with users. Then it interacts through a TV, giving advice and making helpful comments.

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    Humanoid robot POLYRO is adorable and easy to assemble. Despite being an advanced robot, even people with little or no experience can put POLYRO together quickly.

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