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Robots from A to Z: P(60)


    Electric and Telecom Research Inst. (ETRI)

    ETRI's POMI robotic animal simulates emotion and makes facial expressions. This friendly, penguin-like robot can be used for education and entertainment purposes.

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  • PorterBot PorterBot


    PorterBot takes a load off of transporting luggage at airports and hotels. It carries up to 44 pounds and follows you with a built-in navigation system while avoiding objects.

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  • Posy Posy

    SGI, Flower Robotics

    SGI’s humanoid robot Posy does not have lots of special features. It was designed to make people happy through its personality. The child-like robot hands out flowers.

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    Power Loader Light is a research robot suit that makes industrial lifting easier. It provides users with up to 88 pounds of leg power and has 1.6 seconds bending cycle time.

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  • PR 2 PR 2

    Willow Garage

    Personal Robot 2 (PR2) is a mobile manipulation platform that is developed by Willow Garage. PR2 is the size of a person and it is built to make it easy to develop as well as test robotic technologies and applications.

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  • Precise Path RG3 Precise Path RG3

    Precise Path Robotics

    The Precise Path RG3 is a hole-in-one when it comes to maintaining the greens. This mowing robot safely navigates the turf and cuts the grass to a clean, uniform height.

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  • Pregnant Robot Noelle Pregnant Robot Noelle Noelle

    Gaumard Scientific Company

    Gaumard Scientific Company developed a birth simulator called NOELLE. It has two umbilical clamps and three vulvas, can simulate birth deliveries and is used by institutions and hospitals.

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  • Presenter Type 2 Presenter Type 2

    Tamanoi Vinegar

    The Presenter Type 2 robot talks and moves like a real human presenter. It shows promotional videos and makes presentations about Tamanoi Vinegar’s products.

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  • Prime-8 Prime-8

    BossaNova Robotics’ Prime-8 robot is the perfect gift for children. This funny gorilla-like robot can lay eggs, fart, and spin. You can play 5 action games with it, too.

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  • Priscilla Priscilla

    Chalmers U.

    Chalmers University developed Priscilla which is a humanoid robot. It has plastic skeleton, titanium reinforcements and linear actuators which enable it to walk like a normal person.

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  • Prison Guard Robot Prison Guard Robot

    Electric and Telecom Research Inst. (ETRI)

    The Prison Guard Robot helps to keep human guards safe. It is equipped with cameras and speakers to report problems to guards. It also assists sick or injured inmates.

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    PRO was designed by Korntech to interact with humans through dancing and grasping objects. Its touch screen display and voice recording provide hours of entertainment.

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    Silverlit Robotics

    Silverlit Robotics created a humanoid called PROGRAM-A-BOT. It comes with 36 pre-programmed commands, can be activated by clapping hands and can interact with nearby robots.

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  • Protei 003 Protei


    Protei is an autonomous, low-cost, open-source, shape shifting robot developed by Scoutbots. Protei was originally designed to help clean up oil spills and other pollution. Protei features a number of innovative design tweaks that make it a cost-effective…

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    Advanced Robotic Systems Lab. (ARSL)

    Humanoid robot PROTO-2 can be operated by a remote PC. Its purpose is to help create a commercially ready, self-contained robot platform. PROTO-2 has a human-like walk.

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  • Pyuuun Pyuuun


    Tokyo based company Robo Engine created a mini robot called Pyuuun. It records logs of daily activities, serves as a security robot, and can monitor and gather data about an area.

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