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Robots from A to Z: Q(7)

  • Q.taro Q.taro


    Q. Taro is an entertainment robot made by SONY. It has glowing lights that change color depending on the robot's mood. SONY nicknamed it “healing creature” because it was designed to improve the relationship between humans and robots.

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  • QA QA


    If your schedule needs you in two places at once, the telepresence robot QA can help. It has 802.11g wireless connectivity and can connect you to another place with just a few clicks on your PC or MAC. QA has 4-6 hours battery life, 2-way audio and an…

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  • QB QB


    The QB robot can fill in for you as your avatar at social gatherings. This telepresence robot roams around and interacts with people. It runs for 6 hours and can charge itself when it senses the battery is low. Captured video is delivered to a Mac-based…

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    Tmsuk Co. designed QC-RS in 2002 which is an autonomous security robot. It can detect and put out small fires using its array of cameras and sensors, and can also double up as a guard robot.

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    Sony developed a humanoid called QRIO which has pinch detection sense. It has voice and face recognition, Wi-Fi, stereoscopic vision, visual mapping capacity and autonomous fingers.

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