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Robots from A to Z: R(115)

  • R.Bot 100 R.Bot 100

    R.Bot is a humanoid telepresence robot created by R.Bot in 2009. R.Bot’s vision was to design a consumer robot that will serve as a home and office assistant. With its own home and office surveillance system, R.Bot 100 can become the user’s authorized…

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  • R100 R100


    R100 is a fun entertainment robot developed by NEC. This cute robot has bright colors and will cheer you up if you feel down. It can greet you by name and has 300 pre-installed phrases to express. R100 is Wi-Fi enabled and can read your email. It also…

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  • Rabbit Rabbit

    JSK Lab., U. of Tokyo

    The JSK Laboratories and the University of Tokyo developed a whole body tendon robot called the Rabbit. It has multi-joint flexible spine and can do simple gymnastic movements.

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  • RAP – Robotic Action Painter RAP


    Leonel Moura and IdMind created the RAP, a painter robot. It is autonomous and paints using artificial intelligence algorithm. It can also finish the painting and sign it.

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  • RB 2000 RB 2000

    Vstone, JR Robotics

    JR Robotics developed a gymnastic robot called the RB 2000. This robot can execute a wide range of motions on a cross bar and its board can be expanded for more functionalities.

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  • RCRC Transforming Robot RCRC Transforming Robot

    AOK Ltd

    Chinese firm AOK Ltd. developed a robot called RCRC Transforming Robot, which looks straight out of the Transformers movie. It can change into a truck, a car and a dancer.

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  • Readybot Readybot


    Readybot Robot Challenge developed a maid robot called Readybot. It can clean kitchen, dump waste and load dishwashers. It does most of our household jobs at a faster rate.

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  • RealDoll RealDoll

    Abyss Creations

    Abyss Creations developed a sex doll called RealDoll which serves as a sex partner. It has silicone for a real skin feeling, and changes its mood and body temperature as per owner's wish.

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  • Reborg-Q Reborg-Q


    ALSOK developed a security robot called Reborg-Q. This automatically programmable robot can guard an area; detect leaks, fires and smoke; and can tell current time and weather.

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  • Receptionist Robot Receptionist Robot

    Instituto Superior Técnico, Inst. for Systems and Robotics (ISR-Lisbon)

    The Institute for Systems and Robotics developed a robot which they deployed at their office reception. Called Receptionist Robot, it guides approaching visitors to their destinations.

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  • Recycling Robot Recycling Robot

    Recycling robot is an educational robot designed to teach students about recycling. It has photosensing technology and a laser to scan and identify plastic items by their type. The robot then put them in the correct containers for recycling.

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  • Reddy Reddy


    Robo Motio developed Reddy which expresses emotions, thanks to nine servomotors in its face. It has the potential to be used for research, entertainment and marketing purposes.

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