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Robots from A to Z: S(76)

  • Sakadachi Nyachi Sakadachi Nyachi

    Sakadachi Nyachi by Sega is a robotic cat. This animal toy has voice recognition and can speak and sing in Japanese. Touch sensors allow it to detect when it is being touched so it can respond appropriately. It is an ideal Christmas gift for kids and…

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  • Salvador DaBot Salvador DaBot


    Swiss EPFL developed an artistic humanoid robot called Salvador DaBot. Using software, it captures images, converts into vector art and draws the image using inverse kinematics.

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  • Samba Samba

    Unitune Concept Ltd.

    Unitune Concept Limited of China developed a wheeled cleaning robot called Samba. It has a cleaning menu, different cleaning speeds, and can clean a wide variety of surfaces.

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  • Sambi Sambi

    Robot Force

    Japan's Robot Force customized Sambi from an KHR-3HV hobby kit. This customized humanoid is dressed in a yellow costume and has vibrant cherry blossom-colored hair, making it a cute robot friend. It is reminiscent of an anime character in appearance and…

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  • Samurai of Kuroda Samurai of Kuroda

    Crafthouse, Robosquare

    Samurai of Kuroda is a humanoid robot created to look like an actual Japanese Samurai. The robot can dance, drink and wield its spear when it seems to be threatened. Samurai of Kuroda fuses humanoid technology with entertainment thanks to these preprogrammed…

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  • Sand Flea Sand Flea

    Boston Dynamics

    Developed by Boston Robotics, the Sand Flea robot can drive in flat terrain just like an RC car. With a weight of around 11 pounds, Sand Flea has the ability to jump over compound walls, onto a roof, up a stair set or into a high window.

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  • SAR 400 SAR 400

    The SAR-400 is a legless humanoid robot designed to perform simple tasks is space to aid cosmonauts. Russian space authorities are testing this teleoperated robot in a mock station on tasks like opening hatches. Although the SAR-400 is not practical for…

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  • Sarcoman Sarcoman


    Sarcoman is an entertainment robot capable of juggling balls and balancing a pole among other feats. It can dynamically adjust its movements and is controlled by a human operator.

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  • Sasuke Sasuke

    JSK Lab., U. of Tokyo

    University of Tokyo developed a bipedal humanoid called Sasuke. A remote brained robot, Sasuke has CCD camera as its eyes, can navigate places and carry loads while walking.

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  • Saya Saya

    Tokyo U. of Science

    Tokyo University of Science developed a teacher robot called Saya. It can express emotions like humans, talk in several languages, give tasks to students and do roll calls.

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    SCHEMA is a humanoid robot that can participate easily in a variety of conversations. It can distinguish the presence of a newcomer and correctly identify each speaker and respond appropriately. SCHEMA lacks the pauses in talking other conversational…

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  • Sea Bream Sea Bream


    Ryomei Engineering created the Sea Bream for fish farms to draw in Japanese fishing enthusiasts who want to perfect their angling skills. The bot has a 30 minute battery life.

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  • Seal Pup Seal pup


    Seal Pup is an adorable robot baby seal developed by WowWee. It has animated eyes and mouth and responds to being patted on the head and held. Seal Pup blinks and makes baby seal sounds. This friendly robotic animal also has a sleep mode to converse the…

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