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Robots from A to Z: T(61)

  • T-Rex T-Rex

    Ntl. Inst. of Advanced Industrial Science and Tech. (AIST)

    Advance Industrial Science and Technology developed a bipedal dinosaur robot called T-REX that can roar and walk on its two feet. It has 27 joint axes and has a realistic motion.

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  • T-rot

    Center for Intelligent Robotics (CIR), Korea Inst. of Science and Tech. (KIST)

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  • T8 T8


    The T8 is a bio-inspired spider robot developed by the Hong Kong based Robugtix Company. It employs around 26 servomotors to function effectively making the movements very fluent and life-like.

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  • T8X T8X


    Developed by the Robugtix Company, T8X is a mass produced version of the robot spider T8. Since it isn’t as expensive as the T8 version, T8X is the first choice of users seeking an affordable robot with features like T8.

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  • Taiwan Tech 2-Wheeled Robot

    The Taiwan Tech 2-Wheeled Robot was created to entertain consumers. It is a humanoid robot with two wheels. Taiwan Tech 2-Wheeled Robot can read music. Its LogiTech QuickCam Sphere webcam gives it 98% accuracy for note recognition. It also plays drums…

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  • Taizo Taizo

    General Robotix, Inc., Ntl. Inst. of Advanced Industrial Science and Tech. (AIST)

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  • Tbot 1.0 Tbot 1.0

    Florida Inst. for Human and Machine Cognition

    Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition developed a dynamically stable robot called Tbot. It can change its configuration, climb stairs and survive a steep fall.

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  • TecFoot TecFoot

    David Buckley developed an educational biped robot called TecFoot. It is powered by five servomotors, and can walk on two legs by shifting its weight from one leg to the other.

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