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Robots from A to Z: T(61)

  • Terranaut II

    Seth Weiner developed a wheeled vehicle called Terranaut II. It uses a fish tank-mounted camera that tracks the motion of the fish and moves the vehicle in that direction.

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    The NOAA sponsored the development of TERRI which is an educational robot. This humanoid robot has artificial intelligence and can work remotely in a fully automatic mode.

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  • TeTwalker TeTwalker

    TetWalker is a robot that moves by changing its shape. It was developed by NASA to explore difficult terrain. It changes shapes depending on the surface it explores.

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  • Texai Texai

    Willow Garage

    Developed by Willow Garage, Texai is a remote presence system prototype that lets telecommuters have an in-office presence at any time. The Texai aims at ensuring rich communication between the pilot and the participants.

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  • TH1 TH1

    JSK Lab., U. of Tokyo

    JSK Laboratories developed TH1, a tendon driven robot prototype. This humanoid robot has flexible spines for human-like motion, and can track an object using its eyeball.

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  • Theta

    Nakamura-OKada Lab., U. of Tokyo

    The University of Tokyo developed a humanoid called Theta to study the free-swinging dynamics of humanoid walking. It has a double spherical hip joint and a hybrid knee joint.

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  • Thomas and Janet Thomas and Janet

    National Taiwan U. of Sc. & Tech.

    The National Taiwan University of Science and Technology developed two humanoids called Thomas and Janet. They have silicon facial muscles and can kiss each other realistically.

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    Tokyo Inst. of Tech. (TITECH)

    TITECH developed a dinosaur robot called TITRUS-III. It uses its tail as a third leg for stability and its head as manipulator, and sways its long neck and tail to maintain balance. Although it was never developed full scale, it inspired the development…

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