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Robots from A to Z: T(61)

  • Tot Tot

    JSK Lab., U. of Tokyo

    JSK Laboratory of the University of Tokyo developed a robot called TOT which can operate simple tools. Using a CCD on its head as its eyes, it can navigate its environment.

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  • Toyota Hopper


    Toyota developed a robotic leg called Toyota Hopper which can hop and jump like humans. It has a joint on each toe allowing it to bend and stretch with its knee-like joints.

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  • Transbot Transbot

    Yujin Robot

    Yujin Robots developed a transforming humanoid robot called Transbot. It can transform into a car within 12 seconds and race with other Transbots. It can also fight with other robots using weapons. In car form, Transbot can travel up to 40cm per second.

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  • Trilobite 2.0

    Electrolux robotics

    The Trilobite 2.0 is a vast improvement over the original. Not only does it recharge itself, a smart sensor allows it to map an entire room as it cleans the edges. It can even be used in difficult areas such as under furniture. Trilobite 2.0 has an electronic…

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  • Tron-X Tron-X


    Tron-X, a blue-skinned robot developed by Festo, is a pneumatic robot. It can follow gestures and is capable of mimicking human-like actions, including facial expressions.

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  • Troody (Dinosaur) Troody (Dinosaur)

    Leg Lab. (MIT)

    Peter Dilworth from MIT developed a bipedal dinosaur robot called Troody. This autonomous robot has sensors, joints and on-board computer to guide it to walk, run and jump.

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  • TUlip TUlip

    TU Delft, TU Eindhoven

    TUlip is a soccer playing humanoid robot created by the Dutch robot soccer team, Dutch Robotics. This lightweight and durable humanoid took part in the Robocup challenge.

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    TU Eindhoven

    TURTLE or Tech United RoboCup Team Limited Edition is a soccer robot that competes in the RoboCup Mid-Size League, involving a special soccer team with four player robots and one keeper robot. TURRTLE VERSION 5 is the most recent version with advanced…

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  • TurtleBot TurtleBot

    Willow Garage

    TurtleBot is an affordable, personal robot kit that allows users to build robots that can see in 3D, bring food, take panoramas, drive around their house and have sufficient horsepower to produce exciting applications.

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  • Tux Droid Tux Droid

    Kysoh robots

    Kyosh Robotics created Tux Droid, a wireless tux robot with a programmable interface. This mascot combines entertainment and programming by allowing users to hack its firmware and write programs for it. It converts text to speech and is available in 11…

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