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Robots from A to Z: U(12)


    ED Corporation

    U-ROBO is a service robot developed to be the perfect home companion. It was created by ED and has excellent balance even on slopes. It is said to be able to cook and handle a broom.

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  • U-Tsu-Shi-O-Mi U-Tsu-Shi-O-Mi

    Yokohama National U.

    Michiko Shoji developed a virtual reality called U-Tsu-Shi-O-Mi. A 3D image, synchronized with robot’s motion, is plotted on a green screen that lets the user touch and feel it.

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  • uBot-5 uBot-5

    Lab. for Perceptual Robotics

    University of Massachusetts developed a small wheeled robot called uBot-5. It can lift, pick, push and throw objects, and can be used for social telepresence applications.

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  • UC-3M UC-3M

    U. Carlos III de Madrid

    The Universidad Carlos III de Madrid in Spain developed a full sized humanoid robot called UC-3M. It can walk at different paces, and can interact with people and other robots.

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  • Unicycle Robot Unicycle Robot

    Beijing U. of Technogy

    Unicycle Robot is the first robot in China capable of balancing on a single wheel. It can navigate a balance beam and even compensate for external disturbances. Unicycle Robot has infrared sensors, a gyroscope, and an inclinometer. Its developers hope…

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    Just Good Tech. Co. Ltd., Chinese Academy of Sciences, UNIS

    Three Chinese companies developed the UNISROBO robot. It debuted at the 2011 Chinese High-Tech Expo. Envisioned as a way to teach children English and good manners, UNISROBO has touch sensors and a touchscreen. Ten artificial intelligence modules give…

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  • Upitor Upitor

    Precision Machinery

    Taiwan’s Precision Machinery developed a guide robot called Upitor. It can move its head and hands, can guide people through user-defined content, and can avoid obstacles.

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    South Korean company Robotis developed a service humanoid called URIA. It provides information to its users, lets them perform video conferencing, and navigates on uneven terrain.

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