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Robots from A to Z: W(20)

  • Wabian-2 Wabian 2

    Sugano Lab., Waseda U.

    The Wabian-2 robot was developed to help in the design of exercise rehabilitation equipment. It can do exercises with humans and test the rehab equipment before it is used by a person. The Wabian-2 is controlled by a computer attached to its back. Scientists…

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  • Wappy Dog Wappy Dog

    Wappy dog is an interactive toy robot by Sega. This canine pet can be played with both inside and outside a Nintendo DS console. In the console, the simulated version sings, does tricks and plays mini games. The physical version of Wappy Dog can be trained,…

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  • Weather Robot 1 Weather Robot 1

    Fudan U.

    Weather Robot 1 is an interactive wheeled robot that gives weather reports for over 2,000 cities over a 72 hour period. In addition, it can have fun with users with pop quizzes.

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  • Weird 72

    Kazuhisa Terasaki developed Weird 72 as a successor to Weird 7. It is a wooden robot which can lie down like a dead and then come back to life. It can also use a rope to skip.

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  • WL-16 WL-16

    TMSUK, Waseda U.

    Tmsuk and Waseda University developed a two-legged walking robot called WL-16 that carries people. This chair robot can also transport heavy goods in difficult areas or terrains.

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  • WorkPartner WorkPartner

    Helsinki U. of Tech.

    WorkPartner was developed in 1998 by HUT to assist with outdoor life tasks. This mobile service robot has autonomous navigation and three types of sensors that allow it to accomplish these tasks and work together with a human operator. It has two human-like…

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