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Robots from A to Z: Z(10)

  • ZACSEN-I Robot ZACSEN-I Robot


    dASAROBOT developed Korea's first ever building cleaning robot called ZACSEN-I Robot. It is completely autonomous, can detect its current position, and cleans dirt efficiently.

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  • Zephyrus Zephyrus

    Shadow Robot Co. Ltd.

    Zephyrus is a pneumatic robot created to help test powering robots through air. It uses shadow air muscle, which increases its tolerance to air pressure. The internal system is mostly composed of inter-working computer chips. Zephyrus 2 is supposedly…

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  • Zhejiang Humanoids “Kong” & “Wu” Zhejiang Humanoids Kong & Wu

    Zhejiang U.

    Kong and Wu are two advanced ping-pong playing robots developed at Zhejiang University. They are made with high-strength, lightweight materials and have 30 degrees of freedom. Their reaction time is between 0.05 and 0.01 seconds with an accuracy of 2.5…

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  • Zoe Zoe

    Carnegie Mellon U. (CMU)

    Zoe is an autonomous, solar powered robot developed by The Carnegy Mellon University. This robotic rover is used to test surface exploration on other planets like Mars. It has been succesfully tested in the Atacama desert of Chili in 2005.

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