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Picture of Rombomatic Picture: Aris
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  • Developed by Aris, RomboMatic is a modular robot that aims at automating the whole process of taking plant cuttings. The robot not only grades plant branches at high speed but also cuts them into smaller pieces in order to pot them automatically. This leads to better and healthier plants improved working conditions as well as cost savings for the horticultural industry.

    The RomboMatic system is used in the propagation of several ornamental plant as well as free cultivation products. The robot utilizes Aris vision software to facilitate the automatic eye-hand co-ordination. This software also checks the plant cuttings after each cutting session.

    Users have to manually place the starting material in clips that are automatically fed to the modular system. The starting material is then placed vertically in front of a special camera, which ensures a high production speed. The system decides whether it is suitable to cut the plant’s stem or not. If determined suitable, the robot takes the stem’s cuttings, dips them, if needed, in cutting powder and eventually plants them into pots or trays. RomboMatic aims at meeting the user’s expectations by correcting leaf direction as well as insertion angle.




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