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Rook's Pawn Series : Rook's Pawn III

Picture ofRook's Pawn Series : Rook's Pawn III Picture: RoboSavvy
  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Humanoid
  • Released:
  • 2007
  • Matt Bauer of the Bauer Independents Ltd. created a competition level humanoid robot called Rook’s Pawn III. It is made with a number of parts from a solid Delfrin stock. This humanoid robot is among the competing robots to have joined the Robogames.

    This robot is quite odd and scary in its design, with a skull head made of resin. The Rook’s Pawn also has 24 degrees of freedom (DOF), making it quite autonomous. This 48cm tall entertainment robot is full of aluminium brackets. This makes it quite light at 2.2 Kg, yet durable.

    This entertainment robot is the descendant of the Rook’s Pawn, which the developer had created only a year prior. This robot can also move forwards as well as backwards.

    Rook’s Pawn III Features:

    • Resin skull head
    • Fabricated aluminium body
    • Delfrin Skeleton frame
    • Titanium gears
    • Gyro sensors
    • Wireless Bluetooth receiver




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