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Saika Series : Saika 4

Picture ofSaika Series : Saika 4 Picture: JSK Lab.
  • Japan’s Tohoku University created a humanoid robot called Saika-4. It was created in order to meet the demand of a research platform for intelligent robotics. The result of this research was a self-sustained biped robot that has two arms and a robotic head.

    Weighing 47 Kg and standing at about 130 cm, the Saika-4 robot was designed to be as light as possible and cheap, yet still replicate a human size. A gravity compensation mechanism allows this humanoid to use springs in its legs.

    Despite its size and weight, the Saika-4 robot has 30 Degrees of Freedom (DOF). A wireless Ethernet modem, a gyroscope and motor drivers allow it to be fully autonomous.

    Saika-4 Features:

    • Run on batteries
    • Equipped with gyroscope
    • Ethernet modem
    • Lightweight
    • Human sized robot
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