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SeRoPi Series : SeRoPi

Picture ofSeRoPi Series : SeRoPi Picture: Aving
  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Humanoid
  • SeRoPi stands for Service Robot Platform Initiative. It is a wheel-based humanoid project developed by South Korea‚Äôs KITECH (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology). The robot has a human-friendly shape, allowing it to work effectively in tasks, such as guiding visitors and errands.

    The joint structure of SeRoPi is composed of 21 degrees of freedom: three each in the neck and waist, six each in the arms, two in the hands, and one in the knee. This DOF allows it to have a flexible grip of an object that is located on a table or on the floor. SeroPi is created for an intended use in business establishments, such as restaurants where it can pick things up and place them in its respective places.





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