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Picture of SGR-A1 Picture: The Register
  • Released:
  • 2006
  • A group of four institutions headed by Samsung Techwin Co. and Korea University developed a robot guard called SGR-A1. This sentry robot, also known as The Intelligent Surveillance and Guard Robot, can detect, warn and even provide suppressive firepower using its K-3 machine gun and 40mm automatic grenade launcher that are mounted on its top.

    The SGR-A1 is the first robot that has surveillance, tracking, firing and voice recognition systems integrated into one unit. It can challenge any individual who comes within 10 km range and will warn if it detects an intruder. This sentry robot can be controlled remotely using a link-up or can autonomously operate on its own.

    This sentry robot, besides guarding vital military installations, can also be modified into a civilian version capable of guarding private installations such as airports, piers, power plants and pipelines.


    • Can be remotely controlled or pre-programmed to perform its functions
    • Surveillance, tracking, firing, and voice recognition
    • Mounted with K-3 machine gun and 40mm grenade launcher for added power
    • Equipped with visual and infrared
    • Can differentiate a human from cars or trees at a distance of 2km during daytime and 1km at night
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